Who is this Anders Behring Breivik and what the hell is going on in Norway with this bizarre psycho-criminal process? (I wonder whether the CCHR has looked into Psychiatry in Norway? Could it be just as bad and corrupt as portrayed in Sweden in the highly realistic if substantively fictional “Millennium Trilogy”?

What is going on in Norway as they investigate the Anders Breivik case?  Thanks go to my Facebook friend, Lara Zhivago, originally from  Irkutsk by Lake Baykal in Siberia but now lives in the city of George, West Cape Province, South Africa, for this translation of the latest, published at: http://www.vg.no/nyheter/innenriks/oslobomben/artikkel.php?artid=10024406 (Lara lists her religious and political views as “Radical Honesty Population Policy Common Sense”—most of us really can’t be bothered with such disturbing thought processes, but input like this comes in handy I think…

Lara writes, “Breivik says every single page of report contains factual errors, and accuses Psychiatrists of being incapable of understanding political ideologies that are different to their own.”

TRANSLATION:(AP) Wearing handcuffs noted Anders Behring Breivik avid defenders then read out parts of rettspsykiaternes report to him. Almost on every page says Breivik errors.Breivik can not even see the report, but must sit behind a glass window while the defenders Odd Ivar Green and Isolated Ground reads aloud from the report. Friday, he read up about half of the part that is made available to him. The oral review would take six hours.

– How do you react Brevik on the content?

– We are waiting with his final conclusion until he has submitted the report and have the whole picture. We have gone through much of the report concerning conversations he had with psychiatrists. He reacts to what he believes are the facts wrong, lying, that his statements are taken out of context and that much is wrong made, says Green.

– Slightly stated

The report is written by the right-appointed experts, psychiatrists Torgeir Husby and Synne Sørheim. It is based on 13 conversations they had with the mass killing the man. They have also undergone over 130 hours of police questioning. The report is about 240 pages, but some parts are still restricted.

– What is it that rebel Breivik most?

– It’s only about the fact that many of his statements are taken out of context in the report, says Green.

– How did he react physically?

– He is normally very calm and polite. He shows signs that he is somewhat abandoned, but beyond that there is no physical reaction. He is very interested in what it says in the report.

The report concludes that Anders Behring Brevik was insane when he killed 77 people.

– He does not agree with that conclusion. He is concerned that the
experts do not have the necessary experience with political ideologies. He can say things that they perceive as bizarre, but that is not bizarre in his opinion. He has not reconciled itself with that they think he is insane, but we will wait to conclude until he has seen the entire report.

Going carefully through

Green says that Breivik stops on almost every page to point out errors.

– He is thorough and note diligently all the way, says Green.

Breivik think that this is a very cumbersome way to go through the report.

– Now we will continue working for him to get access to as much as possible in the report. He wants to have it physically in hand, so that he can read it and work on it yourself.

Green says that the defense hopes that Breivik will be presented to the rest of the report during the next week.

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