Today is Pearl Harbor Day: Seventieth Anniversary—One Decade + 3 months since 9-11: in the sixty years intervening, what happened to America? The soul of the nation was sapped and died….is there life after death? All good Christians believe that there is…

Wednesday marks the seventieth anniversary of the Day that HAS lived in infamy.  Was it “the Mother of all Government Sponsored Conspiracies” to manipulate the American public?  Until 9-11, that is?  The following video forcefully argues that Roosevelt knew it was coming, but then, my grandparents told me that on the 30th anniversary in 1971, when we were in Hawaii, and many times before then and since then it has been confirmed.  This video is long and thorough and very serious:

Ten years and 3 months ago was 9/11/2001, which made Pearl Harbor look pale by comparison, although the actual number of casualties was only slightly greater on 9-11.  This “Corbett Report” video is very “short and sweet” but detailed and as serious as really sarcastic “black” humor can ever be:

After you have watched these two, watch V-for-Vendetta and see whether you don’t think there’s a real pattern here…..

If you would like to help the fight for “corny old values” like Truth, Justice, and the American Way, for Family, Home, and Freedom, and to add one Senator for the Bill of Rights and against Indefinite Detention, against the PATRIOT ACT, and against the use of United States Troops in this Country against its own citizens, please support Charles Edward Lincoln, III, for U.S. Senator from California.  We are fighting one of the most entrenched establishment seats in Congress—Dianne Feinstein who tried to make cosmetic changes in S.B. 1867 to hide and disguise its truly oppressive nature (and to claim she had “done the best she could”, perhaps?)—and we ask you to send your check or money order to Lincoln-for-Senate 2012 to Charles Edward Lincoln, III, 952 Gayley Avenue, #143, Los Angeles, California 90024.  Call 310-773-6023 for more information.  

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