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Symbolic Attacks, Disasters, and Massacres as Political Manipulation and Staged Ritual “Historical Metaphors” of “Mythic Realities”

(Don’t worry….Almost all of the posts in this link are in English). The French seem far more sophisticated in understanding conspiracies and lies in government than the Americans or British… The Classical Structuralist, father of modern French theoretical anthropology and student of mythology and comparative religion (Claude Lévi-Strauss’ inspiration and predecessor), Georges Dumézil wrote about this phenomenon in myth and legend in the 1920s one book and a separate review article, “Le crime des Lemniennes: rites et légends du monde égéen,” (1924), and “De quelques faux massacres,” Revue turque d’anthropologie (1927).

So is all the world a stage, and is “official” world (political) history nothing but staged ritual “historical metaphors” of “mythic realities?”  Such an interpretation is consistent with the studies not only of Dumézil but of more recent structuralist anthropologists Clifford Geertz and Marshall Sahlins.  It is perhaps because of the French leadership in the structured study of mythology that they understand political realities so much better than the more idealistic British and American populations.   The French population is increasingly turning towards Marine Le Pen and the Front National while the American electorate apparently ignores Ron Paul and 9-11 truthers as “delusional” in Newt Gingrich’s cynical words….

The problem is that in the modern world, we expect “news” to be “true” and our expectation that the Government is honest with us is so great that most people do not consider very deeply the possibility that the government is den of lying thieving criminals who go into government precisely because they know that this is the one business, where the criminal mind is rewarded most extravagantly, with the least possible consequences…  I honestly cannot say I ever believed the 9-11 mythology, but I have never seen such a convincing array of data that the figure of 6,000,000 murdered in the concentration camps was in fact a pre-fabricated mythological number itself.  The significance of this array of newspaper quotes and articles is hard to contradict.  I am totally open to anyone who wants to dispute the possibility that all these predictions of 6,000,000 deaths and the final figure of 6,000,000 after WWII is merely a coincidence.  I have neither the time or the inclination to go into deep historical research about this point myself, but I believe that this is an excellent example of historical revisionist research—in that it suggests, even if it does not prove conclusively, that the “historical” fact was envisioned first as a “mythic reality”, and then enacted, and performed and the incorporated into “constitutional” mythology—which no one ever dares to challenge.  

This is a valid rendition of a structural anthropological theory to explain a modern historical and political pattern…. from the destruction of the Battleship Maine to the Bombing of Pearl Harbor to  the Tonkin Gulf Incident and finally…. all the events of the decade between Ruby Ridge in 1992 and 9-11-2001…

Now that Freedom has been Outlawed, only Outlaws will be Free (and yes, I’m one of them!) FREE THE CITIZENS OF PRISON PLANET!

Is a Felony Indictment a Shame? A reason to deny voting or civil rights? Or is it a Red Badge of Honor? Remember that Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee, among others, for endorsing their firm belief in the Constitution of Limited Government, were both deprived the right to vote and their civil rights, and even the right to call themselves Citizens of the United States after the forced annexation and re-integration of the South after 1865.

Now, in these days of the 21st century when arrest and detention without charges, trial, appeal, or habeas corpus have been authorized by Congress and signed by the President, much as they were in the period 1861-1865, I submit to you that we are ALL either criminals or members of the oppressive elite or (in the cases of 99% of the elite) BOTH! It is time to recognize that freedom has been outlawed, and now only outlaws will be free, so being a criminal and being a Patriot have merged more closely and completely than at any time since 1776. We must all risk the King’s Hangman and Gallows if we are ever to call ourselves “Free” again….Damn the Establishment! Damn the Government! Bring it all down, now…. by voting for those who will free the citizens of Prison Planet.

A friend commented (on Facebook) after the Presidential Primary Debate held on Monday, January 16, 2012:

Santorum stands by his decision to restore felons right to vote – Santorum lost my vote!

A few comments were in order, I thought, and since this is a year in which I am running for office and talking about honesty and openness in government, it is a story which I cannot tell too often:

I am writing to you “off-screen” about your latest post on Facebook—about Santorum and whether felons should be allowed to vote. It’s a subject regarding which I have very strong feelings and if you’ll study my blog ( I think you’ll see why. You see, my Dear Tabitha, you have a convicted Felon among your Facebook friends. If you’re embarrassed by that fact and wish to “unfriend me”, I would perfectly understand, but you see, the law and morality are totally out of joint—in fact, they have nothing to do with each other, in fact, I would say that, up to a point, all Patriots have a DUTY to disobey the law. Again—if this makes you feel uncomfortable or sounds too radical for you, I will understand, but I hope not. Here is my “true confession” to you, gentle Tabitha: I was convicted of the heinous “felony” of misstating two digits out of my social-security number in an application for a non-interest bearing checking account. This was all part of a ploy to disbar me in Texas—I had become MUCH too inconvenient a person to be allowed to continue to practice law, but they knocked me down over and over again, in spite of that. They made up all sorts of other garbage that they put into a five count indictment back in December 1999, but it was of no avail—the Defense Attorney whom I ultimately hired burst out laughing when he read the indictment, it was so bad. But they wanted to get rid of me, I had an 7-8 year old son and was still (at that time) married to his mother, and she didn’t want her son’s father to face trial–and frankly, since it was all “Front Page” news in Austin back then, she wasn’t sure she could stand the publicity of trial, so I took a plea bargain (trade off: no jail-time at all, a trivial fine, but I would give up my license). Ayn Rand had predicted this state of affairs in the 1940s when she pointed out that soon, there would be enough crimes that any person, at any time, could be convicted of anything, and locked away. Of course, under NDAA now, they don’t have to go to that trouble. I would like to publish this reply on your front page but if it would embarrass you for everyone to know you had a Fiendish Felonious Friend on Facebook, I wouldn’t want to do that to you. But the simple truth is this: most people in prison, especially Federal Prison, are individuals you would like to know in your daily life, that you would be proud to introduce to your friends and neighbors at Sunday dinner. They are mostly non-conformists and dissenters of various kinds. They were targeted by people in power, either to increase the power of those who already had it, or the wealth of those who already had it. Most inmates in prison are a threat, yes, but NOT to you—they are threats to the government and the less than 1% of the power elite that controls our nation and the world. If you’d like to discuss this with me further, we could do so, you could write to me at, and maybe we could even talk (my telephone number is 512-968-2500). I would urge you, whatever you do, to consider that the greatest criminals of our time are in charge of the United States Government, including the Courts, including the Courts of Florida even. Beware of the idea that there is any “justice” in the criminal justice system, and reflect on this question: in any application for any document, is it possible that you ever transposed two digits of your social security number or wrote down the wrong number, when everything else was right on the application? Is it possible you would have even done this while opening a new bank account? If you are positive you have never misstated your social security number, I would ask you—how CAN you be so sure? (That is the “felony” of which I was convicted… I hope you will not judge me too harshly…