On the Tenth Day of Christmas—An Unprecedented Decision Handed Down in Georgia, 01-03-2012

01-03-2012 Georgia Secretary of State Administrative Court Farrar v Obama order denying motion to dismiss

Yes, I used to be closely involved in the controversy over Obama’s birthplace.  Yes, I personally really and truly do believe that Lucas Daniel Smith brought back and offered some valid evidence that Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya, even though that kid has caused me some serious trouble.  No, I don’t think that this minor victory (after nearly four years) in a non-constitutional administrative court in Georgia “clears” Orly of suspicion that she acted as a double agent, possibly for a foreign power, or of having acted consistently in support of Obama by making everyone involved in the “right” or “Constitutional” side of the “Birther” controversy look like a raving lunatic (and yes, for a while at least that definitely did include me).  I continue to believe that Obama should not be president, not merely because I believe he was born in Kenya but because he is either a very thinly disguised and deceitful Global Communist-totalitarian or an extremely dishonest International Socialist-totalitarian.  

I also continue to believe, as I wrote in 2009 (09-cv-00082-DOC – Plaintiffs’ Sur-Reply 10-01-09) that the First and Ninth Amendments should be construed to guarantee to the American people the uncontested and indisputable right to challenge by judicial action for declaratory judgment and the potential right to obtain injunctive relief relative to the qualifications and actions of all governmental officials, whether elected or unelected.  And it is this last point which I will carry forward with me to the United States Senate if God and the People of California will grant me the right to represent this Golden State and its population in what has been called the world’s greatest deliberative assembly: NO OFFICIAL IMMUNITY EXCEPT FROM SUIT FOR DAMAGES RESULTING FROM POLITICAL OR GOVERNMENTAL OR LEGAL SPEECH, OPINION, AND DEBATE!  09-cv-00082-DOC – Flast v Cohen Taxpayer + First + Ninth Amendment Standing09-cv-00082-DOC Motion for Leave to File Surreply

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