The Heart of the Welfare Debate: Q: If they take away government assistance, will people suffer? A: People are suffering now, and are going to suffer anyhow. Sarra Rohr, come home to those who care! (A personalized cameo of a Nation in Crisis)

Original Post
Sarra Rohr
Sarra Rohr 4:19pm Jan 15
I love Ron Paul but if he takes away the govt help (food stamps, housing, medicaid), a lot of us will be in serious trouble. Get us tons of jobs first. Then wean people off it. I’ve worked my entire life since 1989 and lost my job nov 2010. If it weren’t for foodstamps, my kid and I would be screwed. The other day I had to swallow my pride and apply for housing. 50 dollars a month rent if I don’t work and subsidized once I find work. Do you know how that feels? Do you? I hate it but if it wasn’t there, me and my kid would be dead. Or living a life of crime to survive. 😦
Sarra Rohr
Sarra Rohr 4:22pm Jan 15
Just to add, I too dislike those generational welfare families. I dislike them because they gave us decent folk a horrible name and reputation. Like the moment you get on stamps or housing, you’re scum, useless eaters. How horrid. Work your entire life, get help from the govt and are a Useless Eater.I wish we had enough jobs to get everyone working and could do away with stamps etc. It would help the economy and debt so much. Makes ya think. They have a huge debt yet keep shipping jobs over seas. I think they planned this……..
Charles E. Lincoln 8:18pm Jan 15
Dear Sarra Rohr:
I don’t know anything about you except what you’ve written here. My heart has been bleeding for three hours since I first saw your letter. I feel compelled to answer and you may not like all of what I have to say, but I think it’s important.
First off, I am a Christian, and I subscribe to the notion that Jesus taught us that there is room at the table for everybody. More important than any other lesson he taught, I think it is that: every one of us who claims to have been washed by Baptism in His Blood owes a duty to you and to your son or daughter (I’m not sure which it is—I’ve never liked the word “kid”—sounds too much like a goat).
Imagine if all the world lived by the Gospels of Christ? Who in your own family, I wonder, claims to be a Christian but doesn’t offer you space in his or her home, at least for a while.
If you are anywhere in California, I invite you into my home for that very reason.
I haven’t got much space as it happens, but over Christmas I took in a lady and her cat who had been thrown out of their home. I’m hopelessly allergic to cats so that only lasted about two weeks, and frankly I nearly died, but I am just that kind of guy. I hated the idea of that harmless woman being alone on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, even though I hardly knew her (we had worked together very briefly on a project in 2009) and she and I had less than nothing in common (especially not her love of cats).
In my opinion, Ron Paul doesn’t go anywhere near far enough, but I do agree with you, that there should be a transitional period during which we abolish welfare of all kinds.
What I have seen here in Los Angeles is that there are two sides of Welfare: the poor house and the jail house, and people just keep bouncing back and forth between the two. I certainly don’t want to see that for you and your son or daughter, but I will tell you: this United States of America has made so many previously honest ways of earning a living illegal, or so heavily regulated that you have to be a millionaire to try, that crime is beginning to seem like the only “honest” way to live.
My solution to the crisis is this: we have to abolish BOTH sides of welfare—but above all we have to tear down the prison walls. People need to have the right to defend themselves and their homes, and not to depend on the police to do so. The police need to be scaled back to where they don’t cause more trouble for the people than the “ordinary” un-uniformed thieves. Many middle class people are fined and regulated to death by the police enforcement of petty offenses, traffic, zoning and the like.
I would ask you also to look at your family and your own situation: how many decisions did you make, have other people made, in knowing reliance on welfare? What decisions might you have made differently if that socialist “safety net” had not been there? Did the existence of that safety net cause you to break off relations you might have been able to maintain out of necessity? That was what people did in the “bad old days.”
And if you were abused by your parents or husband or your son or daughter’s father, did that abuse amount to slavery? A condition from which you could never, ever arise? Because ultimately, that’s the price we’re all paying for Welfare: a contract with the Socialist-Communist Devil where he gives us our minimum needs in exchange for our pledge of loyalty and fidelity to his unholy goals and purposes.
So I would ask you and every member of this group: is it better that we all be giving but poorer Christians or that we all be Socialist Slaves? We all need to give and take care of each other if we really believe in freedom, because the alternative is that we all enroll ourselves in the “Big House”—“Uncle Sam’s Plantation” as one writer from my sometime home of San Clemente in Orange County describes it.
Prison and Welfare go together—they are two sides of the same coin (and both of those sides say “Caesar”, so there’s no question about whom you are serving if you support “tough” jail sentences and welfare cutbacks, or vice versa—all the great “social-liberals” of our time are heavily invested in the so called “correctional-services” industry–notably Al Gore and Oprah Winfrey).
So I say let’s help each other. If you’re anywhere close to me I offer you a temporary shelter and a temporary job with my campaign, and if you’re nowhere near California I would call out to others in this group to help this young woman get on her feet and stay off welfare. We only got into this mess one step at a time and we can only get out of this mess one step at a time.
What say you all? Shall we try to practice what we preach a little bit here?
Sarra Rohr: I mean what I wrote from the bottom of my heart: if you and your son or daughter are anywhere in California or if California was in your travel plans, do feel free to make contact and we WILL find a temporary home and a campaign job for you (doesn’t pay much but you won’t be on welfare). You write eloquently about your situation and the conflicts it creates and I see from your Facebook that you’re an Artist….

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