Larry Becraft (Alabama Constitutional & IRS Tax-Defense Attorney) on Promissory Notes & the dangers inherent in Tim Turner’s Republic Propagating Monetary Mythology as “Patriotic Education”

For years now I have battled with those who ought to be my closest allies as they sink deeper and deeper into a fantasy-world believing in certain “Patriot Myths” which cloud and block clear-thinking about the real monetary problems and crises facing the United States and the World.  Tim Turner and those who adhere to his “Republic” are not visionary Patriots so much as hallucinatory Patriots, swallowing one fantasy for “discharge of debt” after another.  The Constitution has the solution: “nothing but gold and silver”…. but until we get there, real Patriots have to walk the straight and narrow or Obama will use the NDAA to look all of us up forever and throw away the keys….without (a) probable cause, (b) charges, (c) trial, (d) appeal, (e) habeas corpus, in short, without any due process of law at all, without a prayer.

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Here is the way the monetary system works (and it is all credit).

A promissory note has at least these criteria: it contains (1) a promise to pay a specific amount of money, (2) at specific times, (3) usually with interest, and (4) it is signed by a maker, the debtor. Without these elements, a document is not a promissory note. If the debtor’s signature is not on the document, he is not liable. An indictment, a traffic ticket, a birth certificate and countless other documents are NOT promissory notes because they do not contain these elements. However, promoter/gurus in this movement have alleged and convinced the gullible that an indictment, a traffic ticket, a birth certificate and others ARE promissory notes. Do you realize how foolish these gullible people appear when they make these claims?

The creation of bank credit is easy to explain. When a party needing a loan goes to a bank, he delivers a signed promissory note to the bank promising to pay specific amounts of money, over time, at interest. In exchange (as the note states, “for value received”), the bank simply increases the deposits in the borrower’s bank account, thus creating credit. The borrower spends his deposits by issuing checks to other parties. All banks do is shift around the credit they create, and all bank deposits in this country originate via borrowing. Our “money” in this country is virtually all bank credit, which exists, if at all, as numbers.  It is all loaned into circulation.

The Fed Reserve Banks (FRBs) act as banks for their member banks. Member banks acquire assets (promissory notes and mortgages) via credit extensions, and those assets may be sold to the FRBs, which merely increase the seller bank’s reserves held at that FRB. Further, any or all FRBs can extend credit to Uncle Sam by buying his bonds, which is happening now. Uncle Sam gets a check (mere credit) from one or more banks and it spend those checks, which are deposited in local banks, and these checks increase their reserves at the FRBs. As the Fed admits, it and all banks work only with credit.

Since any bank gets assets by the mere extension of credit, Federal Reserve Notes (“FRNs”) are obtained the same way. FRBs obtain bonds of Uncle Sam by credit extensions. Those bonds are merely swapped for cash, FRNs.  A member bank simply draws down its reserves at a FRB to get cash, including clad coins.

Birth certificates play absolutely no role in the monetary system.  They are not promissory notes or securities, and have no commercial value. Birth certificates are simply records maintained regarding the babies that are born in a state, and they are used to prove that a certain party is a citizen rather than an alien. No market exists where birth certificates are bought and sold. If you think that a bank or any other financial institution or even govt agency buys birth certificates, then I will sell you mine for only a half million bux. What a bargain!!!!

Most of my website is devoted to the money issue. I invite you to study the following:

The credit power in this country would be harmed if the public really knew these simple facts about “money creation,” and for hundreds of years, that power has done whatever it can to conceal the method by which credit is created. But rather than teach people about what really happens, there are those who claim to be “patriots” who offer the lie that birth certificates are the foundation for this process. This only assist the credit power in preventing the people from knowing the truth.

And I hate those who lie. Am I supposed to stand idly by while a group of people deliberately lie to others and mislead them?


On 1/19/2012 2:41 PM, wrote:

Hi Larry;

 When you perpetuate dissension by engaging in this type of factious rhetoric I feel grieved.  The same energy you used here may have been better spent informing the reader(s) as to what the actual collateral is that secures the value of the U.S.’s present form(s) of coin and currency.  I’d appreciate an addendum wherein you state what the collateral is that secures our nation’s coins and dollars.



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 From: Larry Becraft

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When I am in the office and simply working, I listen to Net radio, and at times, the Microeffect. One host, RJ, frequently has as a guest somebody from The Republic, and even recently that was Prez Tim Turner. Turner uses patriotism to attract people to his legal positions which are nothing but pure, unmitigated legal garbage. Having an undergrad degree in econ (with honors), I can assure you that birth certificates are not promissory notes, nor are they the basis for the credit monetary system we have in this country. Yet this and many other “legal arguments” are promoted by “The Republic.” 

It is my experience that when new people are attracted to the movement and join a particular organization, they start learning certain legal arguments promoted by that organization. I have seen people learn completely erroneous arguments, attempt to use them without success, and reap failure. After a while, these people realize that they have been subjected to lies and leave the movement, vowing never to be involved again. False arguments like that about birth certificates will never address the problems of the monetary system, and those who believe this argument will never succeed. My conclusion about those promoting false arguments is that they are not only liars, but they intend to divide the movement and cause harm.  This helps the govt. 

Turner is a chronic liar. When I first heard about him, he was lying about having filed “admiralty” liens in some bankruptcy case here in Bama and winning. It is true that he filed those liens, but it is a lie that he prevailed. Via Pacer, I learned that he was sanctioned about 10 times for filing those liens. But, that did not stop him because he ran around the country conducting seminars to teach others to file admiralty liens. 

It is an old, time-worn legal principle that when somebody misleads another to their detriment and causes that party harm and damage, a tort has been committed. The Republic was started by “Dr. Sam Kennedy” who lied to people about 1099-OID tax returns (with assistance from that freak Winston Shrout). After that crook was deposed, he was replaced by Turner. Since then, we have witnessed several followers of Turner who were indicted and convicted for filing admiralty liens. Ask Richard Ulloa what he thinks about Turner while he serves his 5 year sentence:

 And I have asked people who know Kennedy for him to step forward and testify for those who have been indicted for filing 1099-OID tax returns, but he refuses to do so. I have no doubt that Turner would act the same way. Both he and Kennedy deliberately harmed people and they could care less. 

Those liars and conmen, Kennedy and Turner, built The Republic. Based on my years of experience in life, I had rather join the Taliban than to have anything to do with The Republic. 

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Issue No. 2                          January 13, 2012

Our Florida Republic Elections

Dear Bob:

People from all over Florida gathered on December 10, 2011 at the Veterans Memorial Library in Saint Cloud to elect new officers to our Republic.

Here is a picture of those elected as Representatives.  From left to right: 1. Anthony White 2. Glenn Miller 3. Charles Nelson 4. William Doolin 5. Mark Weeks 6. Barbara Dunn 7. Kenneth Wrench 8. René Garcia, 9. Dan Graves, Speaker.

Here is our newest Senator, Bonnie Gautreau, being sworn in by Governor Michael Bishop. Our other Senator, Clyde Forbes, passed away a few weeks ago. We send condolences and blessings to his family. That position is available; however, no state meeting or election date has been set at this time.

Here’s a question for you: (the answer is at the bottom)
The role of those elected to public office is:
a. Public Administrator; b. Public servant; c. Authority/Ruler; d. Public enemy

Our Forefathers said…

“Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

“Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” ~ John Adams

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” ~ Patrick Henry

These men knew the importance of a Republic then; and we are thankful now for the men and women that stepped forward to serve the people in reseating our Constitutional government.

Speaking of the Constitution, we also voted that the Florida Republic is operating under the Florida Constitution of 1838. We unanimously agreed to two major changes to that document: 1) Women have the right to vote (and, obviously, hold office. We have one Woman Senator and another Woman Representative); 2) Racial distinctions are eliminated (also obvious, since we have two Black and one Hispanic Representatives. We are all equal under our Creator. Each and everyone of us has a voice in our republic.

A Message from Our Governor

In this coming year I see a magnificent transformation that will happen. We will see each other’s happiness, not be blinded by the elitists that are causing misery around the globe.

The earth is abundant and can provide this abundance to everyone, if we all respect the laws of nature.

Because of you and many likeminded souls across the globe, we will have Our freedom returned: Freedom to learn, grow and share the vision of a peaceful planet, one without dictated wars on each other, man against man, country against country…. Our country has lost its way!

We were being led by corporate elites that have a hidden agenda. They are full of greed that
has poisoned their souls. They have led this world into slavery, envy, hate and battles against our brothers. We Need humanity, kindness and a peaceful soul; for if do not develop these characteristics, life itself will be violent and possibly lost forever.

The time of the corporate greed is coming to an end, because you took a stand and said, “NO
MORE!” The power they stole from the people, will be returned to the people! Freedom and
justice for all wiIl never perish.

We have that Love in our hearts that is a natural innate intelligence inside all. Hate is learned and unnatural. Only the unloved have this hate for humanity inside them. The Kingdom of God is within man – not one man, or a group of men – but in all men, all of us: We the People.
We the People have the power to make life free and beautiful again.

In the name of the Republic let’s use that power to reclaim that which was stolen from us.
Many blessings are upon us. Technologies will be revealed and can no longer be hidden.
Families should not have to struggle, as there is so much abundance.

We the People have this Power inside of us to see this, and so many more blessings restored to the people. These future blessings are upon us now. You have the power to see it happen.

Michael Clay Bishop

Michael Bishop, Governor 
Hal Smith, Lt. Governor
Ron Van Dyke, Secretary of State

Answer is (b) Public Servant

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