Forget the Imperial Presidency and refocus attention on the Subservient Congress: Did Congress Work for Five Years to Prepare the Way for Barack Obama to become President? Was it part of “W’s” Plan as well?

My thanks to a dear old friend Barbara Anne K-H for sending this over to me from Alabama in the Heart of Dixie….  I had not seen or even heard of this legislative history before.  As of Friday, February 3, 2011, Judge Malihi’s decision in Georgia came down in favor of Obama as a natural born citizen.  Well, what a shock?   I had rather hoped he would knock Obama down but I am not the least bit surprised or overly disturbed that he didn’t, because Obama’s birthplace is not the problem: Obama’s philosophy and political agenda are the problems, and should be the primary focus of defining his status as a traitor.  I and many others “on the right” waste much too much ink, toil, time, and talent on the eligibility issue, but at least I gave up and moved on rather than doggedly chasing the dead dog around the tree one more time.  I hope that other versions of Judge Malihi’s decision will soon be available, but for the moment it’s good enough to read it in this slightly fuzzy PDF by scribd:

Focusing on birthplace eligibility is too narrow and almost silly to justify concluding that Obama is “evil” because he lied about his birthplace.  

Sidebar: I certainly wish I could lie about where I was born sometime—there’s nothing particularly glorious about having been born in Commerce, Texas (I’d have rather been born in someplace special with a really romantic name like “Waco” or “Lubbock” or “Groesbeck”, or even, just imagine it…..gasp “Fort Worth”; likewise my grandmother Helen always regretted having been born in Nachitoches out in the hinterland of French Louisiana which made her less than a full member of New Orleans society, but we all are what we are; even my grandfather, born in the beautiful Victorian city of Galveston, with its amazing beaches and incomparable sea breezes, resented not having been born in his grandfather’s homeland back in England; parents can be so inconsiderate—I often have occasion to ridicule my assistant Peyton’s birthplace being in Memphis….along with his two “triplet” brothers).  

So I stick to my guns: the whole “eligibility” debate is a major distraction and a terrible waste of patriot energies.  We who believe in the Constitution should be focusing strictly on Obama’s crimes against the people (and these are mostly economic and political crimes which his predecessors initiated, which the most extreme and staunch constitutionalists are largely ignoring because they are focusing on Obama’s status or lack thereof as a Natural Born Citizen).  The legal argument most often invoked by the Courts against eligibility cases is that “the people” have suffered no individualized or discrete injuries from any violation of the Natural Born Citizen clause occasioned by Obama’s election.  

The difference in Georgia and other states that are considering the eligibility issue right now is that PROSPECTIVE AND INJUNCTIVE RELIEF are ALWAYS available against Governmental Officials, even when actions for damages or other punitive or corrective actions are barred by doctrines of “official” or “sovereign” immunity.  If Obama has perfected anything, it’s his own self-image as a sovereign (Kind of Reminds me of the King in the big palace portrayed in the movie version of the Jungle Book, but that’s another story…)

This above-referenced you-tube video makes some excellent points of which I was not aware about legislative history and purpose, and I highly recommend it: for five years before Barack Hussein Obama’s election, various members of Congress made repeated attempts to amend the Constitution of the United States to modify the Article II eligibility requirements.

The producer’s “blurb” goes as follows:

– MINI Documentary Illegal Obama “Propped Up” By Congress! If you never watch another video, watch this one, this proves the Democrats (and some Republicans) know Obama is not an American and is serving illegally and unconstitutionally and the efforts they made are recorded in the Congressional Record, attempting to change the Constitution so he could serve legally. EVERYONE that cares about and loves this Constitutional Republic absolutely MUST watch and forward this video!!!!!! This one must go viral. I won’t be surprised when the people of this country begin calling for an Impeachment. This guy and his croonies have been intentionally deceiving the American public and his friends in Congress have been propping him up.. Where are our elected representatives all been hiding?

I strongly suggest that we forget about Article II eligibility and hereby propose that we amend the Constitution to define “Natural Born Citizenship” for all three Branches of Government (Article I Legislative, Article II Executive, and Article III Judicial—as they do in Mexico, for instance) and actually to extend the requirements for Natural born citizenship as follows: 

“Only persons born within the territory of any of the United States of America, or any of its dependent territories, whose father and mother were both born in the United States, or to two parents also born in the United States who are temporarily living abroad, may serve in any office or capacity created by or under this Constitution, whether legislative, executive, or judicial, except for officers with no law-making, enforcement, or interpretive functions whatsoever.   No person shall be qualified to serve in any capacity whatsoever created by or under this Constitution who does not affirm by oath the primacy of individual rights to life, liberty, and property, above all other human rights.”

Disqualifying all but third generation citizens from Federal Office would have eliminated Barack Hussein Obama from the Senate, which would have prevented his elevation into the Presidency.  It would eliminate both Orly Taitz and Arnold Schwartzenegger from national politics, and would have, not so tragically, prevented early International Socialists (“New Dealers”) like Felix Frankfurter from sitting on the Supreme Court.  (Felix Frankfurter not only supported the New Deal and global integration, but also opposed the expansion of civil rights by incorporation of the Bill of Rights through the Fourteenth Amendment to the States).

It is Barack Hussein Obama’s belief in other rights and powers which makes him dangerous.  There is no more certain definition of a communist than one who does not or cannot affirm that the rights of each individual to life, liberty, and property are supreme and superior to all other human rights.  This maxim must be construed to include that the rights of life, liberty, and property of the individual are superior to the rights of the society to security, the rights of any individual to any particular AMOUNT of property or wealth or income or security, the right to free assistance of any kind from the government, the right to employment, or even the rights to food and medicine.  

I suppose it sounds harsh to say that the government should not be in the business of guaranteeing the right to food and medicine to any individual, but the cost in freedom of an increased augmentation of life or property by and through submission is, or ought to be, intolerable.

There is to my mind very little doubt that George W. Bush had the appointment of an African-American successor at the top of his agenda.  Why else did he have Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice as his successive Secretaries of State?  The Secretary of State is the most visible officer of the Executive Branch after the President.  So it is only reasonable to expect that Congress, during the entire term of George W. Bush, would likewise have been paving the road for the first African-American President who would only be elected because he totally supported and underwrote EVERYTHING that his predecessors were doing.  It is all just too much of a ritual and stage play.  The Republican parties commitment to affirmative action of “right thinking” African-Americans was clear at the very latest from the fiasco surrounding the appointment of Clarence Thomas to replace Thurgood Marshall in what can now only be called the “African American” seat on the U.S. Supreme Court.  Thomas himself paved the way for the acceptance of Obama in the sense that Thomas’ own marriage was interracial and therefore especially “Brave New Worldy” in that special “destroy real diversity by promoting homogenization” and “shake n’ bake” demographics.  

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