3 responses to “On the First Full Day of Spring—Facebook Disabled My Account saying I was “Threatening or Organizing Violence”—I have hardly even been on-line due to a computer crash since February 12!

  1. Hi Charles. Sorry to hear about your Facebook account (btw I don’t use Facebook).
    I’d like to help you with your election campaign. What can I do? Can I make telephone calls? Please let me know. Call me at 319-804-0440 or send me an email.

  2. Howdy, Charles! I like your website! I lost 22% (8) of my Facebook Friends, and your Friend Request disappeared (I saw it in my e-mail) between Sunday, 18-3-21 FFF and Tuesday, 20-3-21 (18-20 “March 2012”). All were apparently solid pro-Freedom activists, 50% of whom were probably women. One of those women, who has since disappeared again under an alias, wrote that many American loyalists were purged from “Farcebook” at that time! Another nickname, “Tracebook,” hints at its surveillance usage by our Zenophilic Occupation Gangster Government. For Fair revival, Kent! Friday the 13th, Health 21 F.F.F., 14:14 C.S.T.

  3. I see that some words in my Fri., 13-4-21 note were deleted, changed, and added. I think you should let it be known when that happens to notes from people other than yourself. It’s best not to change or add words. Please delete, or restore, my other note if you don’t publish this one. Thanks. For truth, Kent! Tue., 17-4-21, 21:13 C.S.T.

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