Happy Birthday to Elena Kourembana Lincoln—Happy Cinco de Mayo to Mexico! (but on the whole, things would have been better, perhaps, if the French had stayed…Mexican Science in general and Archaeology in particular would have been lightyears ahead of where they were by the 1920s, and nothing the Emperor Maximilian Hapsburg could have done would have been worse than the Porfiriato, and in fact, especially for the Indians of Mexico, it might have been a whole lot better…and I’m quite sure Mexico City would never have ended up so crowded and polluted….the end of the Second Mexican Empire was, truly, the third worst thing that ever happened to Mexico)

A la Recherche du Temps Perdu……avec Elena Kourembana Lincoln:

(1)  First Corresponded with GRW, WLF, and then with me regarding Chichén Itzá project—Winter/Early Spring 1984-5

(2) Met in Merida, May 1985, Chichén Itzá Archaeological Survey May-September—“I want to be a part of it, in Old Chichén…if I can dig it there, I’ll dig it anywhere….it’s up to you, Chichén, Chichén.”

(3) Xkichmook, Izamal, & Axac August-September 1986

(4) Critical visit to Las Monjas and El Castillo September 10, 1986.

(5) Critical visit to Los Angeles, later that month

(6) Xkichmook Survey & Excavation June-August 1987

(7) Chicago, September 1987, Field Museum Xkichmook Collection September-December.

(8) Another critical day December 5, weekend of Sunday December 7, 1987 in Chicago.

(9) Colombia for Christmas & Amazonas for the New Year.

(10) April 1988 SAAs in Tucson—Casa Grande “Round Tail Ground Squirrels”

(11) Car wreck in Pennsylvania in July 1988—serious but we did not die….

(12) 1989-1990 a year (or two) of madness whirling to and from Aegina, Athens, Austin, Bayreuth, Belgrade, Berlin, Bonn, Boston, Budapest, Cambridge, Cancun, Chicago, Corinth, Dallas, Delphi, Frankfurt, Kaua, Köln,  Mainz, Methoni, Mérida, Mexico City, Mycenae, Munich, Nuremberg, Olympia, Patras, Prague, Pylos, Rothenburg, Salzburg, Skopje, Sofia, Thessaloniki, Timosoara, Vienna (that’s just in alphabetical order, not order of travel, but there were so many stops along that long and winding road, including so many towns in Yugoslavia with so many children….before the Serbo-Bosnian-Kosovar wars of the 1990s).

(13) Critical Valentine’s Day February 14, 1990—Pontevecchio with dreams of Venice & Venus interrupted….”Et O ces voix d’enfants, chantant dans la coupole! Twit twit twitJug jug jug jug jug jug. So rudely forc’d. Teru. Unreal… 

(14) Critical days in July 1990 in Athens—Hagios Nikolaos.

(15) Back to Chicago in late September-August 1990, Commonwealth Avenue overlooking Lincoln Park.

(15) Many changes in wintertime….from Detroit to Austin through Louisville before Thanksgiving and Christmas through Valentine’s Day... Little Sister Alexandra in Austin… and Chicago…and Dallas… and New Orleans….

(16) New Orleans in April & July 1991 (SAA & ICA)—Sheraton Suite for SAA and Mary Pickford Suite Pontchartrain Hotel for ICA.  Alexandra again…

(17) The troubles of life aside….occasionally…. great expectations for the future…

(18) 1992—Mérida, Catemaco, Veracruz, Chicago, Palm Beach and on August 23, 1992, Charles Edward Andrew Lincoln, IV.

(19)  Here endeth the lesson in Ancient History—from 1992 on, the election of Clinton and everything that came with it, it is all essentially early modern and modern history….

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