I would vote for Ron Paul if he were the Republican Nominee, but aside from Ron (or Rand), fuhgettaboutit….. or “How I became a Former Republican”


I think the worst things about my own personal and philosophical journey have been (1) realizing that most of my colleagues at Harvard, Yale, and elsewhere in “pure” academic world had all drunk the liberal “World Socialist” koolaid, (2) realizing that at the supposedly conservative University of Chicago Law School (you know, the supposedly conservative place that had Barack Obama teaching Constitutional Law right before he finally eliminated all need to teach such a subject in the US), welfare individual socialism and welfare corporatism had met to become Global Statist conformism, and finally (3) realizing that there was and is, in effect, no difference between the two paths at all, except for the very slightly differing cultures of “political correctness” enforced in the two settings sides.

Honestly, I would sooner vote this year for Barack Obama than for Mitt Romney because a ComSymp Socialist who admits he is a socialist is better than a rich plutocrat who pretends he is something other than a corporate-socialist. Really and truly, the Republican Party seems to me the party of lies—pretending to be conservative when in fact Republicans, at each of the following five crucial steps from

(1) Dwight D. Eisenhower (who very passively accepted the New Deal and then appointed Earl Warren as Chief Justice and enforced Brown v. Board of Education and its progeny) to

(2) Richard M. Nixon (who cut the final ties between the U.S. Dollar and the Gold Standard after instituting wage & price controls in 1971) to

(3) Ronald Reagan (who quadrupled the U.S. deficit and underwrote a series of massive government sponsored massive welfare give-aways to corporations, the largest of which was called “Star Wars” or the “Strategic Defense Initiative”, and who basically set Roosevelt’s New Deal and Johnson’s Great Society in stone after campaigning throughout his life against them) to

(4) George H.W. Bush who effectively integrated the U.S. into the mainstream of forced economic, legal, and political globalism, and finally to

(5) George W. Bush—who at the very least manipulated 9-11 to transform the U.S. into a Police state and at the worst planned 9-11 to seize power,

Republicans have always played the role as the ratifiers and solidifiers of the worst transformations initiated by Democratic Presidents since Franklin D. Roosevelt (or Woodrow Wilson, if you want to look another 20 years earlier at the President who gave us the Federal Reserve Banking system, the Federal Income Tax, and enacted the disastrous 16th, 17th, and 18th Amendments to the Constitution—all of which survived comfortably under Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover from 1921-1933).

What we need in this Country is “a new birth of freedom”, just to steal and paraphrase a line from someone early but important in this process (can’t remember his name) precisely because, since 1863, “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” has all but completely perished from the earth.

We need to abolish all governmental monopolies in the economy and probably abolish governmental licensing of any and every sort of business.  We need to abolish government subsidies for industry and most government contracts, and all governmentally owned businesses and a lot of the government’s property should be privatized.  In return, the people should have real security afforded by freedom from confiscatory taxation.  No one should EVER be at risk for losing his or her house for failure to support the government—that probably needs to be included in the next constitutional amendment relating to any economic issues.   The only way we will ever have REALLY private property and freedom is if they can’t take it all away from us for disagreeing with what they do.  And because the Republican Party now stands shoulder to shoulder with the Democrats in supporting national confiscatory policies in taxation, credit, and everything else, I cannot stand with either party.

In my opinion, as expressed in the paper attached herein above, “How I became a former Republican”, the historical weight of moral values favor calling oneself a Democrat, a Southern Democrat, or a “Constitutional Democratic-Republican” rather than anything else.  The Federalists, and the Federalist Society, first organized at the University of Chicago Law School when I was starting there and now permeating law schools (and the Courts) nationwide, are just the modern radical pro-corporate wing of the pro-corporate socialists.

       In conclusion, I have no political home but I would like to create one.  Ron Paul is the only actual candidate for President for whom I would consider voting, for whom I will in fact vote in the California Primary election, but Ron and Rand Paul do not define the Republican Party.  All the Democrats I admire who once DID define the Democratic Party are dead (like Robert C. Byrd, the latest to die) and some of them switched over to the Republican party before they died (like Strom Thurmond), so there is no real American Constitutional Party left.  The American Independent Party (which nominated George C. Wallace in 1968 and thereby became the last third party ever to earn an appreciable number of electoral votes, carrying five states in the Deep South) has turned into a rancid joke, and the Constitution Party is essentially a single defining issue litmus test party (that issue being to outlaw abortion).  The Libertarian Party, especially as the onetime home of Ron Paul and now nominating former New Mexico Governor Gregory Johnson, has some potential, but is afraid of taking strong stances.

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