California Coalition for Constitutional Rights: Seeking all California-Licensed 420 Growers or Medical Cannabis Dispensers threatened for violations of FEDERAL Law by State Officials

I have previously stated that I support the rights of the Central Valley growers who have been attacked and put out of business under color of law by California State Officers claiming to be acting under Federal Law or even as Deputized by Federal Agencies.  The goal is to collect as many stories and rights together and file suit under the principles asserted last year in Bond v. United States: that private individuals have standing to sue for violations of States’ Rights under the 10th Amendment. Bond v US 131 Sct 2355 180 LEd2d 269 SCOTUS JUNE 2011.  I would like to see the holdings of Bond, extended to the 9th Amendment as well.  No right should exist, in fact, without a remedy to enforce that right.  Is there a Tenth Amendment remedy to restrict or overturn the Commerce Clause restrictions on liberty imposed and upheld in Gonzales v. Raich06-06-2005 Gonzales v Raich 545 US 1 125 SCt 2195 162 LEd2 1 06-06-2005?  The time has come to abolish illegitimate Federal exercise of power by putting the Interstate Commerce Clause back in the box where it came from (namely Article I, Section 8, Clause 3 of the Constitution).

The attached document reflects our current strategy and goals, comments welcome: 05-16-2012 Deo Vindice-Cannabis + States’ Rights + the Constitution + Agrarian & Individual Freedom

Please call Jack Bauer in Fresno at (559) 291-6188, Peyton Yates Freiman in Austin at (512) 968-2666, or Melody Gillespie in Porterville (559) 779-8253.

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