Deo Vindice—1st Scheduled Homeowners Legal Education/Self-Defense Seminar—New Orleans June 29-July 1, 2012

“The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite.”

– Thomas Jefferson

The Motto Deo Vindice has special meaning in New Orleans, the City where Jeff Davis died December 6, 1889 while visiting from his last home at Beauvoir, Mississippi for the Dedication of Memorial Hall.

We invite everyone who has any interest in the current crisis in America to join us at the Crown Plaza Hotel in New Orleans, 739 Canal Street for our first ever Seminar on the Vindicatio—our fight to preserve our homes for ourselves and our children.  I went to College in New Orleans, it was there where I entered adulthood (well, in the U.S., anyhow—technically I turned 18 in Honduras while working on the Proyecto Arqueológico Copán in the middle of my Tulane College years—I look back with some irony now at how proud I was to be employed by the World Bank in a regional development project… oh well, I was only 18….).  

What I want to do in this Deo Vindice/Tierra Limpia Seminar Series is introduce people all over the United States to the reasons that they, or their neighbors, friends, or relatives, or all of them, may be in danger of losing their homes.  

During my first quarter at the University of Chicago Law School I thought to myself “this isn’t graduate school, everyone should be required to learn this in college!”  I had at that point in 1987 finished all the requirements for my doctorate at Harvard except the completion of my dissertation, which I did 3 years later—somewhat significantly enhanced by the law school experience.

Then about 7 or 8 years ago, Jon Drew Roland, then State Senator (now State Representative) Jerry O’Neil from Kalispell, Montana, and I submitted proposals to the Ford Foundation, the Annenberg Foundation, and the MacArthur Foundation for a grant to sponsor the introduction of the equivalent of the First Full Year of Law School as an elective part of the curriculum in High School.  Ford and Annenberg denied us pretty much summarily.  MacArthur reviewed and asked for more information and then denied.  The Ford Foundation specifically mentioned that our goal of universal legal education was not consistent with Ford Foundation purposes.

So the only way I can possibly realize my dream of sharing basic legal education with the people is through “private” education—and I can only hope that this Seminar Series will “catch on” so that I can continue it.  

If anyone thinks it’s ironic that Deo Vindice advocates liberty and commemorates the memory of the Confederate States, I can only say: study your history.  It is the United States Government of today that, through Welfare and Destruction of Individual autonomy and freedom under the Constitution, transforms all Americans into helpless children, wards of the state, essentially “slaves” on a great national plantation called North America, where true equality exists.  It is the equality of a world where NO ONE owns private property, NO ONE has the right to raise their children, NO ONE has the rights to the fruits of their labor.

To sign up and reserve at an advance registration of $250 for a two-day weekend session, please contact Sylvia Floyd in New Orleans at (504) 261-3126 or Peyton Freiman in Austin at (512) 968-2666.  Brad Austin has agreed to help us set up an (as yet unscheduled) seminar in Flint Michigan for sometime this summer (810) 265-2405 or (810) 569-2972.  We are studying other possibilities in and around Austin, Texas, Boston, Massachusetts, Palm Beach County, Florida, Ohio, New Jersey, and of course California.

Download Our First Flyer (I promise they’ll get better): 05-23-2012 AMERICAN HOMEOWNERS  Self-Defense Seminar in New Orleans!

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