Gary Kreep, ally of Philip J. Berg, Enemy of Orly Taitz, elected to California Superior Court in San Diego—this will be interesting to watch, and see what HE does with mortgage foreclosures, among other major issues….

OFFICIAL THIS WEEK: Gary Kreep Wins Judicial Election in San Diego—ORLY TAITZ WAS OBSESSED WITH FIGHTING KREEP AND PHILIP J. BERG—SHE HAD NO WISH TO FORM ANY ALLIANCE, only to destroy those alliances that already existed against Obama—and she managed to keep the article Ii eligibility movement very fragmented….for shame on orly!

Gary Kreep and Presidential Candidates / Birther Litigants John Dummett and Ed Noonan
Attorney Gary KreepJohn Dummett & Ed Noonan

Lawyer Gary Kreep, arguably famous (or infamous) for representing Wiley Drake and one or two other clients, claiming to represent Alan Keyes and fighting with Orly about who REALLY represented Alan Keyes (Orly did) in a lawsuit seeking to annul Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential victory, has won the judicial primary election in San Diego, California. The final 4,000 votes have not been counted, but Kreep has enough of a lead that it is statistically unlikely that his opponent can win. Kreep has a 1,000 vote margin over Garland Peed and will be the next Superior Court Judge in San Diego County.

SUPERIOR COURT – Office No. 34 [link]
GARY GEORGE KREEP 201238 50.14%
GARLAND PEED 200150 49.86%
 Precincts: 1643
Counted: 1643
Percentage: 100.0%

Last updated on: 06-15-12 at: 16:08:28

Gary Kreep represents Ed Noonan in his case challenging Obama’s place on the California ballot in the 2012 Presidential election. [link]

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