What does it mean if “FNMA SCH/SCH MBS FIX RPM 06TH” is your “creditor”? What IS “FNMA SCH/SCH MBS FIX RPM 06TH”? Is it a real corporate trust? Who set it up? Organized where? Under whose laws? Who is the trustee? Who are the beneficiaries? Who endowed or granted the trust into existence? And what about this credit-extension-foreclosure cycle: FNMA to FNMA in Nine Years Time—should this circle be unbroken or is it emblematic of the true governmental = communal = communistic nature of property ownership in the Soviet American Socialist Federation?

There is an old saying about inherited wealth in the United States: “From Shirtsleeves to Shirtsleeves in Three Generations.”  A few families, like the Bushes and Kennedys, Rockefellers and Fords, Roosevelts & Vanderbilts certainly seem to have broken from this mold.  But much more serious, I think is the route traveled by property in the modern world:  As evidenced from a case I’ve been working on in Michigan for five years now: from FNMA to FNMA in 9 years.  Is this not governmental ownership of property AND government extension of credit?  Is this not only the most thinly disguised communism?  Further, is there REALLY a viable “Trust” or “Corporate Entity” named and doing business as “FNMA SCH/SCH MBS FIX RPM 60TH” and if not, what is the purpose of naming such an entity and pretending that it exists as the “Creditor” for an extension of credit to Bradley S. Austin and his former wife Deana in Fenton, Michigan?  How was “FNMA SCH/SCH MBS FIX RPM 60TH” created, formed, and funded?  Who authorized or chartered it as a National Banking Association to accept promissory notes and deposit them, treating the notes as “money or its equivalent” under Title 12 of the United States Code, Section 1813l (12 USC §1813l)?  There are mysteries here which I do not understand—and I can at this moment think of no non-fraudulent reason for such structures.  Can anyone else help me out here?

Quit Claim Deed (BAC Home Loans to FNMA)

2nd part Notice of Assignment

07-30-2012 Bradley S Austin Rule 2004 Motion to Examine FNMA

So what Exactly was MERS’ Role in the Bradley S. Austin/Deana Austin mortgage?

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