The Impossible Dream…

The Impossible Dream….

Is restoration of a Constitutionally Limited Government in America an Impossible Dream?  Is there any way that we can right the unrightable wrongs against freedom and individual autonomy that have been done in the name of “progress”, “protection,” “public safety” and “security?”

If such restorations and rectifications indeed lie out side of the realm of the possible, I still agree with this song that it is better that we dream of such things and “be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause”, than that we let our dreams die in peaceful and quiet despair….

I confess that the discovery of Obama’s Executive Order 13603, entered last March 16, 2012, has had a profound effect on me.  I think that almost all of our OTHER struggles are hopeless and in vain now, until we can start overturning some of these terrible perversions of executive power into dictatorship….

They say that Rock Hudson and Jim Nabors were gay lovers, and if so, who cares?  They were quiet and civilized about it and it doesn’t diminish one bit the fact that Jim Nabors has a beautiful voice and performs this stirring song of idealized knighthood and heroic dreaming far better than Peter O’Toole managed during his otherwise masterful performance as the Knight of the Woeful Countenance in the movie “Man of La Mancha.”

Was the world really a poorer place when people kept their eccentricities private?   Freud taught us that guilt lies at the very foundation of civilization and civilized life—I don’t know whether that’s true or not—I find a lot of Freud’s notions bizarre and anthropologically/historically untenable.   But in its milder forms of modesty and keeping our private lives private, is “guilt” really such an awful thing?  My long-term assistant Peyton went up to San Francisco about a year ago for a vacation and found himself in the middle of a “gay pride” day.  The stories he told me about what people were doing in the streets were not something that would make me proud (gay OR straight).   Sigmund Freud may have been a Jew and Henry Ford may have hated Jews, but isn’t it odd how they both promoted the culture of “instant gratification” and constant change in lifestyle and behavior of all kinds which culture has come to dominate our world?

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