Remember James Holmes and the Aurora-Batman Premier Shooting? Do Obama’s Flying Monkeys lack the same skill as Bush’s at setting up False Flag Incidents?

I guess it is a matter of personality—do you believe what our government says or not?  I have not been keeping up, blow-by-blow, with James Holmes since the early days after July 19-20 in Aurora—the shooting looked totally fake to me then, DURING the UN Small Arms Conference to abolish the Second Amendment which ended ten days later.  

Then in August, there was the bungled “Libyan attack” on a (previously) non-existent consulate or embassy in Benghazi which looked like stagecraft in preparation for war—only this and nothing more (the U.S. State Department had never listed a U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi ever before—so far as we can tell).   But so long as they keep the public flitting from fake crisis to fake crisis—nobody will ever have time to think through the details.

Creating a nation of attention deficit disorder sufferers is the best solution for a deceptive, soulless government which depends on the maintenance of terrorism to justify its very existence….. Well, terrorism as a form of public welfare, I guess…..

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