In 44 years of Political Consciousness, Reflections on the Worst Election Day in History

In all the time since the Humphrey-Nixon-Wallce election night of 1968, the first election night I can recall, when I was 8 years old, I have been an election night junkie, always glued to the TV sets (and more recently, simultaneously, on-line) to watch the returns, I have never been so depressed.  “The people have spoken (I think—actually I’m not even sure of that—there is too much evidence of electoral fraud) but I take some comfort in knowing that the voice of the people does not always articulate the will of God.”  I do not always agree with Bob Hurt (moderator of “Lawmen” and “Lawsters” newsgroups, but I find a greater quantum of Solace in what he writes below in response to the downer post-election commentary on the National Review than in the writings of whose writings I had just recently discovered.  Sadly, the Mad Jewess simply wrote last night that she and her husband are closing down their blog, giving up, throwing in the towel—and I know I’m not ready to do that:

“The Mad Jewess-Pauli and me, David Ben Moshe, are tired from blogging, coming up with stories, making gifs, videos, etc and will be retiring the blog, effective tomorrow morning by 12:00 MST.  There will be no more posts and no more commenting. The blog will be left open to view.  We have prayed to G-d and feel that it is best for us to get prepared for what is coming upon the country.  Pauli/TMJ has said 3 different times that she would retire the site.  It is because Pauli has been exhausted because of 2 surgeries now, this year alone..  We have had some nice people come to help in the fight for righteousness. They were grateful for the outlet we supplied.  Some ended up being unappreciative of the platform we offered to write on this blog.  Whatever the case may be, we did what we could to stop the fascism, Communism, Marxism and so on.  Please feel free to unlink us.  I know that America is finished. I’ve said it since the 1990′s.  The left wing has taken control and we must seek different ways of warfare if we even stay in America.”

Bob Hurt, although in fairly fragile health himself, is more aggressive and pro-active—for my part, I simply haven’t formulated my own thoughts with sufficient coherency to know what I think, so here is his commentary and reply to the National Review’s message of gloom and doom despair for America (and I write this as a long-time admirer of William F. Buckley and a former activist in the YAF, Young Americans for Freedom, which he founded back in the 1970s):
Consider the National Review piece below about why Republicans lost and what America could look forward to. I see it as a whining, effete, nonsensical analysis, and I write to set the author straight on a few things.

First of all, the Republican Party never should have run Romney against Obama.  He hails from socialist parentage, he seems like a socialist himself, and voters could see little difference between him and Obama.  So, why take the risk on Romney?

Second, I live in a retirement community of 5,000 residences in Clearwater, FL.  FOUR volunteer Democrat campaign teams came to my door, and TWO called my cell phone, and asked me to vote for OBAMA.  I RECEVED NO VISITS OR CALLS from Republican Campaigners.  Republicans had ZERO ground game in my community, in spite of millions of unused dollars. They deserve to lose on that score alone.  And for that reason they DID lose Florida.

Third, Every time I visited youtube in the past couple of months I got inundated by ads telling me to vote for Obama or against Romney before I could watch the video I sought.  I HATED IT, but it made an impact.

Fourth, I can barely see a difference between Republicans and Democrats any more.  Republicans should have learned their lesson from that fence-sitting, back-stabbing McCain, but they didn’t .  Republicans have turned into SOCIALISTS, just not as badly as the Democrats have.  THEY DESERVE TO LOSE On THAT score alone.  Millions of good Republicans refused to vote out of disgust with the voting system, the terrible choices they had for alternatives to Obama, and the fact that the Party machinery DESTROYED Ron Paul’s chances, and HE is the ONLY man qualified for the PRESIDENCY by record.

Fifth, Obama is not a natural born citizen and the REPBULICAN PARTY remained totally silent on that point throughout the campaign.  THAT CONSTITUTED AT LEAST ONE POINT OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW FOR CHALLENGING OBAMA’s right to the office of President.  Republicans deserved to lose for failure to stand up and be counted on the importance of natural-born citizenship, multiple SSNs, hidden school and birth records, consorting with domestic terrorists, and his miserable record as a lawyer (read up on why he and his wife are no longer lawyers).

Apparently REPUBLICANS HAVE FOUND THEIR WORST ENEMY:  THEMSELVES.  They have betrayed the conservative, constitutional cause of small government, balanced budget, letting important but failing companies go through bankruptcy instead of bailing them out, terminating unconstitutional wars, and limiting immigration to a balance of intelligent, productive people, and restricting influence of corporations and special interests on government, and restricting suffrage to self-reliant, intelligent, sane, law-abiding, productive, responsible, educated people.  Millions of potential voters stayed home because NEITHER CANDIDATE REPRESENTED THOSE causes.

A NEW political party must replace the aging, treasonous, useless Republican Party.  The new party needs to do the following:

  1. push to restructure and strengthen American families so they all have a mother and father to procreate and care for children, and so those parents seek gladly to fulfill their respective roles without competing for preeminence to the detriment of children.
  2. overhaul the suffrage laws by imprinting the Constitution with new limitations on voting rights so as to better guarantee that ONLY responsible, intelligent,  informed, English-literate, law-abiding, sane US Citizens may vote and accede to public office, and only those who have studied and passed a course of knowledge on the US and State constitutions may run for elected or appointed office.
  3. push for laws that mandate proof of qualification to a board of examiners, and review of qualifications of any public official accused of abuse of authority under color of law.
  4. push for dramatic overhaul of the judiciary and system of laws to make both constitutional for a change.
  5. provide citizens with a workable method of invoking government protection for all abuses of their rights, especially abuses under color of law, and excision of such abusers from all say in government thenceforth.
  6. push for VAT to replace income tax and wage tax so as to tax consumption instead of production and stimulate savings again.
  7. push for reestablishment of hard money, and for overhaul federal reserve laws so as to put banking in the hands of government, eliminate the fake debt to banks that started wars, and replace taxes with interest receipts.
  8. push to eliminate oil as a source of fuel and energy, and replace it with HHO gas derived from water fracturing technology.
  9. Push for programs to elevate the quality of the American gene pool. Take note that as the white race slowly dies out and the other races burgeon while deteriorating average intelligence and productivity, America becomes ever more a third world nation with an extreme gulf between rich an poor.  The source of government largess will disappear as whites die out, UNLESS something happens to reverse the decline of the gene pool.
  10. Push for programs to gut existing public education system and replace it with a system that makes students productive, competent, and valuable

I predict that Republicans will seriously regret their failure to do the above when they had the chance.  Now only an energetic House of Representatives will check Obama and his run-amok cronies in the Senate as they strive to destroy the USA and turn it into a Communist state.

And Americans of Good Sense will gradually realize that Republicans have cooked their goose by becoming indistinguishable from Democrats in issues that truly matter to America.

I don’t worry too much about it, though.  I won’t be around much longer to watch the demise of what remains of our limited constitutional republic.

Bob Hurt

On 11/07/2012 08:56 AM, National Review wrote:

Morning Jolt – November 7, 2012

By Jim Geraghty

Here’s your Wednesday Morning Jolt.


And Now, the Most Depressing Morning Jolt Ever


I wish I could point to silver linings, reasons for optimism, areas to build in the future, and so on. But I’m not going to sugarcoat it: This is a much, much, much tougher loss than 2008.

Looking back, we could justify 2008 to ourselves: the economic meltdown, fatigue of eight years of George W. Bush. The McCain campaign had a slew of problems, and the opposition promised America a chance to make history with the first African-American president. They had hope and change; we had an elderly vet who was never an economics-focused guy at a time when the economy was collapsing.

In 2010, we saw epic Republican gains in that smaller turnout traditional to a midterm election, and we persuaded ourselves — I certainly persuaded myself — that 2008 was a historical anomaly, a confluence of factors that created a perfect storm for Obama and the Democrats. Things would be set right.

In 2008, Obama had been elected on the promise of things to come. In 2012, he would be judged on his record.

The American people looked at that record and said, “Eh, looks pretty good, four more years of that.”

After Fast and Furious. And Benghazi. And the stimulus. And Solyndra. And Obamacare.

There will be a lot of finger-pointing at Mitt Romney, but I’m not so sure that he ran that bad a campaign. Certainly, not many folks were making that argument after the first debate. I suspect we’ll hear a lot of “Romney was a terrible candidate” talk in the coming days and weeks, but if you’re saying that, get specific. He focused on the preeminent issue on voters’ minds, and was winning on that issue. He won independents, according to the exit polls (more on this below).

Are we really going to look at the Ohio numbers and conclude that the failure to support the auto bailout was what crushed him? The auto bailout?

Ross Douthat offered this grim assessment: “Lesson of this election is always bail out, never touch entitlements.”

Phil Klein noted that the exit polls indicated Romney won voters 65 and older by 11 percentage points. So one could argue that the Ryan reform proposals weren’t quite as politically difficult to sell as some warned, but . . . the Romney-Ryan campaign offered serious reform of runaway entitlement programs. And the American people — or at least enough people in enough states adding up to more than 270 electoral votes — rejected it.

I feel a bit like when Jerry Brown beat Meg Whitman out in California: If you really think that the guy with the tired promises of spending more and taxing more is really going to save you, I can’t help you.

The American people voted Tuesday; reality votes in the weeks and months to come. The markets will take into account the fact that we’re likely to see similar gridlock in Congress for at least the next two years. The fiscal cliff and sequestration will have to be dealt with in one way or the other. Those who set the national credit rating will have to contemplate whether the outlook warrants another downgrade. The ticking time bomb of our entitlement programs will show less and less time before detonation. Taxes are probably going to go up.

Oh, and the world, full of those seeking a weaker America, may become a more dangerous place. You may see those hostile to our values testing their luck.

Those Pollsters Were Right; We’re a Much More Democratic County, at Least in Presidential Years

The exit polls indicate a 39 percent Democrat to 33 percent Republican split, only a percentage point behind 2008. I was incorrect in my skepticism that the electorate would be closer to D+3 or D+4. Nate Silver, take a bow. Public Policy Polling, your samples weren’t as wacky as I believed they were.

The Obama campaign has put together a fantastic get-out-the-vote machine. We saw in Virginia and New Jersey in 2009 and Massachusetts in early 2010 and all over the country in the midterms that Obama’s personal charm did not transfer to other candidates like Jon Corzine and Creigh Deeds and Martha Coakley.

Republicans need to confront the fact that because of demographics and a party infrastructure that has gotten very, very good at bringing out the vote in presidential years, Democrats are going to be very, very tough every four years. One of the strange aspects of this year is that I would have argued that Obama wasn’t all that charming. His favorable numbers dipped. He was dismissive in that first debate, snarky and combative in the second, constantly saying things that his campaign had to explain — “you didn’t build that,” “the private sector is doing fine,” “Romnesia,” “voting is the best revenge” . . . and he still won.

Ari Fleischer points out the silver lining is that so far, Romney is winning independents. That’s not a silver lining, that’s worse news: Democrats don’t really need independents anymore.

Jedidiah Bila: “I always hear “We are a center-right country.” No. A center-right country does not elect Barack Obama twice. Time to re-evaluate.”

We’ve seen two billion-dollar campaigns, and the result is the flipping of Indiana and North Carolina. Lah-de-dah.

What is rather astounding is that the right-track/wrong-track numbers are so lousy, and yet we kept a Republican House, a Democrat Senate, and President Obama.


We can point to particular candidates in particular races who may have been mistakes. We will wonder if the best way to follow upon the insurgent, anti-Washington mood of the 2010 midterms was to nominate retreads like George Allen and Tommy Thompson in the key Senate races of Virginia and Wisconsin.

Hey, Todd Akin, are you still so sure staying in that race was God’s will? Because I kind of figured He would have spoken through the polls that came out before the withdrawal deadline.

Richard Mourdock is a good man who made a terrible statement, in an environment he should have recognized was fraught with danger. Once it became clear that the Democrats thought they had a winning issue on abortion in cases of rape, he had to be prepared for that question. Banning abortion in cases of rape or incest is a challenging position to defend even without the media ready to pounce.

Jon Henke pointed out that conservative groups and Republicans sunk hundreds of millions of dollars on television ads, and asked what impact they really had. The immediate, harsh, possibly inaccurate answer: none. Remember when the Citizen’s United decision was going to transform American politics forever?

Silver Linings

Okay. The Obama coalition that didn’t show up in the elections of 2009 or 2010, despite his efforts to bring out those voters for other Democrats, reappeared in 2012. It may be personal to him, and it may not reappear in 2013 or 2014. Republicans can attempt to come back and win the Senate in 2014.

Buyer’s remorse is going to be a pain for Obama. Bush ran into trouble in 2005. Second terms tend to be rough on presidents.

Considering how badly the GOP did in the presidential and Senate races, it’s rather striking that they didn’t see worse results in House races. I can’t believe Mia Love couldn’t beat Jim Matheson in Utah.

As of Wednesday morning, the popular vote was close.

ADDENDUM:  And just think, Obama thought he inherited a lot of problems back in 2009.

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