Feed The Birds… More Nostalgia for the Early 1960s

Feed The Birds….

Last summer I commented after seeing Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom about what a watershed year was 1965 for the death of innocence and the death of traditional America.   Mary Poppins was about as innocent and pure a story as anything could be, as was Julie Andrews’ portrayal of the fabled Nanny.   The reality of the world was that it had already changed, of course—I was living in London and had an Indian-born Nanny, for example, whose legacy to me was a lifelong fondness for curry.   But in that day and age it was socially acceptable to be Christian, and to think of St. Paul’s Cathedral building during the Restoration (Charles II) as the center of the city and invoke the concept of the living Saints and Apostles looking down on the people.  Even my Indian Nanny was fine with all that.  She was probably more of an Anglophile than half the members of the BNP are today, as well as a Church of England communicant.  Of course, what’s amazing is that even the Beetles and Ed Sullivan Show seem astoundingly traditional and innocent by comparison with the modern world.   Pop culture was trying to reaffirm our Anglo-European heritage back then, not destroy it.  Now the media are trying to convince us that everyone who lived back then was psycho….

“American Horror Story, Asylum” is a new television series decidedly dedicated to the notion that the America of the 1950s and 1960s was a dangerous, psychotic place dominated by evil religious nuts and Nazi escapees……

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