Argue and Fight against making “Bullying” a Crime—talk about a new “Wiley Ulysses'” Trojan Horse into our Privacy, our Children’s Privacy, and all of our First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights….

I propose to you: Bullying could never be made a crime without destroying the last remnants of the rights to privacy, the protections for Freedom of Expression and Assembly under the First Amendment, and the right of the people to be free from unlawful searches and seizure under the Fourth Amendment.

There’s a petition circulating IN CANADA to make school-bullying a CRIME—this is EXACTLY what I expected the petitions circulated by young good-looking, redshirted SPLC signature collectors earlier this year (2012) would ultimately lead to—and it’s a disaster, or it would be!   I wish I thought this sort of thing could never happen south of the 49th Parallel—but I see the writing on the wall—for all of us: mene meme tekel upharsin….

Can you imagine what the search warrants would look like to investigate allegations sufficient to raise “probable cause” that the crime of bullying was encouraged or tolerated in a school-age child’s parents’ home?  What are people thinking when they endorse such invasions of the sanctity of our private life?  As if there were not enough unconstitutional excuses based on “terrorism” and the “war on drugs” to breach the Fourth Amendment right of the people to be secure in their persons, homes, and personal effects.  If you make “bullying” a crime, then the schools will be constantly swearing out search warrants for parents homes, parents will lose their parental rights because they allowed their children to “bully” someone at school—or GOD FORBID, that parents even ENCOURAGED their children to think that some ways of behaving are better than others….. GOD FORBID that a parent would inculcate ANY values into his or her child that were not pre-screened and pre-approved by a judge or “diversity counselor” or “sensitivity counselor”—such things exist, and they must be stopped.

“Bullying” is a form of immature expressive activity which can be cruel or injurious—but value-judgments are necessary to civilized society and are bound to hurt SOMEBODY.  Speech which doesn’t hurt anyone is unlikely to be powerful.  Advocating the truth of the Bible or of the Constitution will become categorized as Bullying—MARK MY WORDS!

Don’t you see that to make “bullying” and/or “cyber-bullying” a crime would be to open our children and their conduct growing up to even more intrusive state and federal scrutiny and control over their every day lives than they already are made to suffer? Every time I see these red-shirted agents of the Southern Poverty Law Center passing out anti-bullying material I go up to them and ask them how you can define bullying as anything other than a crime of expression, a crime totally dependent on ONE person’s subjective judgment of the meaning and effect of ANOTHER person’s speech. The very word itself “bullying” suggests an overbroad and extremely vague concept. Defining “Bullying” as a crime would be PERFECT for the Brave New World and New World Order types who want the STATE to substitute GOVERNMENTAL judgment for individual values and opinions. Defining “Bullying” as a crime would lead to daily governmental surveillance of our children’s behavior—and, of course, “OUR” conduct and values as well for having taught our children to be bullies. GOD PROTECT US ALL from such an insane, statist program as to make bullying a crime—any such definition of “bullying” as a crime would be simultaneously overbroad and void for vagueness.

I ask you all, if you consider yourself a supporter of the First Amendment or of Constitutional rights at all, to reflect whether you support for the United States Constitution is really consistent with your endorsement of making “bullying” a crime—I personally cannot think of anything worse in the world that could happen to our children or our schools. It would be another GIANT step towards to TOTAL ABOLITION OF FREEDOM and of Parental control over the education and inculcation of values into their children.

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