ALTERNATIVE SCENARIO—SHOULD WE NOT ALL BE ARMED? ALL OF THE TIME? Fantasy is sometimes the best guide to politically unpopular realities, and I ask you: WOULD ANY TEACHER AT HOGWARTS HAVE BEEN HIRED WHO DID NOT KNOW AT LEAST THE EXPELIARMUS CURSE? In fact, they all (students and faculty) studied both dueling and defense against the dark arts, so why don’t we?

Now the anti-gun freaks are making this latest criminal rampage their cause celebre du jour.  Self-Defense is among the most fundamental of Civil Rights, as the U.S. Supreme Court recognized in McDonald v. City of Chicago06-28-2010 McDonald v City of Chicago Ill 130 SCt 3020/

But a headline on Yahoo caught my eye:

Hero School Head Died ‘Lunging At Gunman’

The headteacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School was killed as she lunged at the gunman, according to reports.  Town officials said Dawn Hochsprung died when attempting to tackle the attacker after he forced his way into the school.  When asked whether Ms Hochsprung is a hero, the chairman of the town’s legislative council, Jeff Capeci, said, “From what we know, it’s hard to classify her as anything else.”

Therapist Diane Day was in a meeting with Ms Hochsprung and the school psychologist Mary Sherlach at the Newtown school on Friday morning when the gunman began shooting at around 9.30am. “We were there for about five minutes chatting, and we heard Pop! Pop!, Pop!” Ms Day told The Wall Street Journal. “I went under the table.” But Ms Hochsprung and the psychologist jumped out of their seats and ran out of the room, Ms Day said.

Ms Hochsprung was confirmed to be among seven adults and 20 children killed during the rampage. Ms Sherlach was among those killed.

“They didn’t think twice about confronting or seeing what was going on,” Ms Day said. Ms Hochsprung is also believed to have switched on a loudspeaker system in the school to alert students and staff to the danger.

“She was just an amazing woman… the kids loved her. It’s a huge loss for our school and our town,” said assistant librarian Maryanne Jacobs.

Fourth-grade teacher Theodore Varga said: “You could hear the hysteria that was going on.  “Whoever did that saved a lot of people. Everyone in the school was listening to the terror that was transpiring.”

But, let’s consider an alternative scenario— what if this heroic head-teacher had been armed and trained in how to use firearms. What’s ironic is that if she had been armed, she would still be a hero, but she would probably be a live hero instead of a dead one, or if she had died, she probably could have saved a lot of the children under her care.

And armed is what she should have been, in modern America, and armed is what she surely would have been if she were a “head-teacher” in Switzerland or Israel (or Pre-Mugabe Rhodesia or pre-1994 South Africa or any number of other well-organized civilized societies in the real world).

It’s my understanding the J.K. Rowling is a left-leaning socialist laborite within the politics of Great Britain, by I note with some glee that even in her brilliant world of Fantasy, all of the Hogwarts Professors and students were trained not only in dueling but in defense against the dark arts.

When reality is demonstrably more dangerous than fantasy, why do our school administrators and teachers (and theatre administrators and teachers for that matter) not know how to defend their students/guests? Why are we not all trained to defend ourselves or duel against Black Arts attacks? One role of teachers, and business managers, after all, IS to maintain class order and defend their students, and the peace and safety of their place of business.

So, now that society is as dangerous as it is, why do we not learn how to protect ourselves? And not JUST against guns—if guns were outlawed, as we’ve been saying for 30 years now, only outlaws will have guns, but even without guns, will “men and women of evil will, devious intent, or just plain nuts” not still have access to household solvents and chemicals which could (1) poison a school’s water or food supply, (2) blow up the school (think about Oklahoma City), (3) set a raging fire and then barricade the exists with cement or bricks?

Gun control is not the answer—civilized society is the answer—and all the inhabitants of civilized societies know that there are UNcivilized people in their midst who wish them harm—and that “the price of freedom is eternal vigilance” and not just on the part of monopolistic police departments—we must know how to defend ourselves AND our children.

If you haven’t read the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in McDonald v. City of Chicago, I highly recommend it—especially but not limited to Clarence Thomas’ concurrence…..McDonald v. City of Chicago.

Now, ironically and coincidentally or not, one of the most comprehensive reviews of gun control law in the United States was also recently published at the University of Connecticut.   Connecticut Law Review Habib 04-2012 on Second Amendment

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