dependent, disarmed SAFETY = dependent, disarmed SLAVERY!!! Want Freedom? Keep your guns handy and loaded! As the government tries to disarm the people—simply respond: ARMED = ALIVE! FIREARMS = FREEDOM!

Does it not appear that the government plans terroristic events to influence planned policy in an extremely theatrical manner?

I simply cannot believe or tolerate the rush to absolute, totalitarian gun control in this country.  Dianne Feinstein, Barack Obama, everyone seems to know (somehow) that gun control will stop the waive of random gun-based violence in this country?  But maybe it’s Dianne Feinstein & Barack Obama who ARE the real terrorists.  Maybe they set up an Adventtide pre-Christmas massacre in Connecticut almost exactly five months after Aurora, Colorado because their last ploy didn’t work and they really want to ban all weapons as the first act of the new Congress that will take its seat in just over two weeks….

COULD THEIR 24-72 hour response time be so well-coordinated PRECISELY BECAUSE THEY PLANNED IT?  Well, I know the average American on the street would rather NOT believe it, but the rapidity and coherence of the response from the Federal legislators and dictators strongly suggests that they MUST have had some “keen intuition” about the causes and solution to the Sandy Hook Elementary School attack. Do you really think that this is just another crazy conspiracy theory about the mysteries of coordinated inexplicably government reaction to an inexplicable public tragedy? See, e.g.:

Well, whether it is an accidental tragedy or planned, coordinated tragedy, it IS a tragedy but gun control/bans on assault rifles, are NOT the solution—they are the GOAL. I propose we who believe in the constitution all argue a simple mantra as a plan for the real solution (if Sandy Hook be taken seriously as a “real” rather than yet another staged event):

(1) Arm ALL SCHOOL TEACHERS AND STAFF and REQUIRE them to take periodic competency training with the weapon so they can use it in emergencies to RESPOND IMMEDIATeLY AND DIRECTLY TO AND IF NECESSARY SHOOT down trouble makers (Does this mean we turn our schools into armed camps? well—that’s better than turning every town in our country into prison camps subject to arbitrary exercises of police power by the people who want gun control so badly).

(2) Teachers should also carry non-lethal weapons like laser pointers that can blind an adversary or burn the adversary’s skin or clothing.

(3)    To the extent financially and technologically feasible, all such weapons should have “safeties” including high tech fingerprint/iris/voice recognition built in to prevent unauthorized persons from operating them.

(4)     Acknowledge and affirm that teachers and staff (like all free individuals) have not merely the RIGHT but the DUTY to defend themselves, not to run around like the metal ducks at the State Fair shooting gallery.

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