“The Lord’s Our Shepherd,” says the Psalm. But just in case, we are happy living ARMED! As Kevin MacDonald has taught us, the Jewish People, and in particular the People of Israel know how to dwell alone among hostile neighbors, and accordingly, they have a LOT more common practical sense than your typical White Middle Class American….. My Friend Julia Gelb says that the Jews are here to teach people and show them the way—and, well, she may be right…..

Ever wonder why there are no shootings in Israeli schools?  Teachers:  STRAP UP (and the kids don’t seem overly traumatized by it, do they?)  Schools in Ian Smith’s beautiful and exemplary U.D.I. Rhodesia and the Republic of South Africa prior to 1994 used to be guarded exactly the same way—until Southern Traitors/Communist Stooges like Jimmy Carter & William Jefferson Clinton forced them to surrender… but nobody will ever force Israel to surrender, will they?


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