Plus Ca Change, Plus c’est la meme chose: The more things change the more things stay the same—looking back at 1949 (with credit and thanks to Barbaratzin from the Original Confederate Capital City of Montgomery, Alabamal)

04-11-1949 Ode to the Welfare State We’ve All Been Subsidized

04-11-1949 Ode to the Welfare State We’ve All Been Subsized

We've all been Subsidized

You do too damn much thinking, son, to be a Democrat…. OK, that’s unfair, Republicans may care more about unmerged corporations than unwed mothers, but welfare and “stimulus spending” to the rich is every bit as much welfare as direct payments to the poor, and both result in the same deplorable state of national economic and moral bankruptcy.  We must have the discipline to ween ourselves from Government as the great provider and restore actual freedom and thus democracy to America.  Currently, America is ruled by Corporate Chains (AAmco, Albertson, American Airlines & Apple through CVS, Doubletree, General Motors and Home Depot, to Marriott, Randalls, Target, Tom Thumb, Vons, Walgreens, and Walmart), and the American People can truly be said to be the only people in the world incapable of living without their chains even a single day.  New Orleans, Louisiana, is slightly less “enchained” than other cities, but only slightly, and rumor has it that large portions of the city are utterly dependent upon government spending for both the rich and poor…..

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