Crisis of Confidence in the Government—there are only lies in the Media? There is no truth…. Tragedy of Sandy Hook is not Murder, but National Hoax….

I don’t say these are the best or most accurate or even a representative sample of the youtube videos available challenging the official story of Sandy Hook, but they do reflect a widespread distrust of the government for which I think both the government and mainstream media MUST take full responsibility and to which these groups of institutions must collectively respond or lose all claims to legitimacy.

In my Freshman year at Tulane University, I took a course called “Crisis in Culture as Reflected in Modern Literature” taught by the then just retired Yale Professor Cleanth Brooks.   He detailed the relationship between early twentieth century literature and socio-political change and the comments of many of the participants in that change later in their lives.

Today the Crisis in Culture is basically “old news”—the Victorian and Edwardian worlds vanished in the bombs of Europe’s Great War of 1914-1918, what we now call “World War I”, and whatever was left of the colonialist American, British, and French Empires was wiped away by the United Nations’ nascent New World Order after World War II.

Somehow, though, it seems that the desire for the appearance of democratic choice in the transition from freedom to some form of totalitarian government has made it essential that governments lie, that they stage or re-characterise all events so as to “ritually shape” history to conform to “mythological” expectations.  This is no different from what anthropologists from James G. Frazer through, Georges Dumezil, Edmund Leach, and Claude Levi-Strauss, to Clifford Geertz and Marshall Sahlins have been teaching us about the role of ritual and mythology in shaping history for most of the past century.

But now, it seems that every minute change in the law must be micro-managed through false events.   Real confrontations such as Ruby Ridge and Waco in the early 1990s created at least as much counter-reaction against the government as support for it, if not more.  So, after Waco (“Mount Carmel”, the Branch Davidian Compound) in 1993, and starting with Okalahoma City in 1995, the government appears to have orchestrated terrorism to its own playbook, with no silver linings at all, only dark clouds of oppression.

I for one remain convinced that the “conspiracy theorists” who speak of both Aurora, Colorado, and Sandy Hook, Connecticut, as staged “false flag” events are absolutely correct.  I challenge the authorities in government to come forward with a better explanation than they have yet propounded, and make more evidence publicly available.

It is a remarkable coincidence that neither Osama bin Laden’s body nor the bodies of any victims at Aurora, Colorado, Sandy Hook, Connecticut, have ever been released or made public.  Compare this with the deaths of Bonnie & Clyde or Benito Mussolini or John Dillinger or John F. & Robert Kennedy, for that matter.   The American public has never been squeamish about seeing dead bodies.

In criminal law they teach us in law school that there cannot be any conviction of murder without evidence that a human being has died.   In the absence of a body, a coroner’s report, there is no “corpus delicti” meaning no physical evidence of crime, and there can be no prosecution for murder.

The evidence of connexions between Aurora and Sandy Hook are disturbing in the extreme.  The evidence that Sandy Hook parents may have been paid actors is much more disturbing.   The threats of prosecuting people who ask these questions on some sort of theory of “sedition” is so cravenly unAmerican….  I just cannot go on.

The Government and Mainstream Media should not ridicule or belittle, but respond by showing all available evidence of the how what and why of the alleged crimes and produce all photos and other evidence of corpus delicti which exist.

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