Racial Presumptions of Guilt in the Criminal Justice System as a proxy for intelligent dialogue concerning Race in Society

Why do you think the laws should be color blind, given that 1/2 of all Negroes (about 20 million)  and 45% of non-white Hispanics (about 23 million) have IQ so low they cannot graduate from high school?  Don’t you recognize that those 43 million (plus 33 million low-IQ whites) reliably make wrong decisions and cannot accurately evaluate relative importances?  Doesn’t that mean to you they cannot be trusted with dangerous weapons?
Charles, when you start promoting sterilization of and removal from suffrage of the stupid, your argument about color blindness might make some sense.   But you don’t address the unfairness of the criminal justice system to stupid whites.  Are you having a little trouble with color blindness?
And then there’s the proven track record of felons.  Sure some innocents land in prison.  But I believe 99% are guilty.  Do you have any proof to the contrary?

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Dear Bob Hurt:

We must NOT (not now not EVER) hide behind the pretext that blacks or hispanics are by some sort of genetic, moral, or spiritual disposition inherently more CRIMINAL than Whites.  That is a hateful lie, and it is the kind of disgracefully unreflective lie that gives law and the justice system a bad name.  Eugenics is, on the whole, the most dangerous of all sciences because it really does tend to tempt humans to take the roles of God and Nature, and that is in every possibly way, totally wrong.

The Thirteenth Amendment had a strange effect—it apparently abolished chattel slavery for private individuals but has gradually either acted directly to transform or has merely supported [created a major incentive for] the transformation of penal slavery into big business for the government, the so-called Criminal Justice System in the United States, well-known to late night TV viewers to be the fastest growing industry in North America…..

The American Criminal Justice System is only genuinely CRIMINAL because of the way it is run, which lacks any connexion with JUSTICE and is a SYSTEM mainly of oppression and division in society, creating a vast underclass of unjustly convicted people, most of whose “crimes” hurt no one and whose imprisonment benefits no part of society except the operators of public and private prisons…..

And as I’ve told you before—given what you and I BOTH know about corruption and inefficiency in government, trusting the government State Social Engineers to determine the who, where, when, how, and why of eugenics, to sterilize people and decide on subjective standards who gets to vote is insane.  The fact that eugenics was an American project first and a Nazi Project only second—-continuing in America (in some quarters) for at least two decades after Hitler’s bunker fell to the Soviets—makes one wonder exactly why the Second World War was quite such a “Good War” as popular mythology tells us to think it was.

BUT DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT “99% are guilty?”  ARE YOU IN TOUCH WITH THE WORLD WE LIVE IN AT ALL?  DO YOU EVEN READ YOUR OWN NEWSGROUPS & BLOGS????   They are all about INJUSTICE and the CORRUPTION in and ERRORS of the “Justice Systems” (Civil, Criminal, Domestic, & Probate, State, Federal, and “other”)….

The most detailed studies have been done of the most serious cases—namely death penalty cases.  In one famous study in Illinois, it was determined that 50% of the people on death row were INNOCENT OF ANY CRIME.  That was about ten years ago but it led to a moratorium on the death penalty in Illinois.  NO cases are taken more seriously in state court criminal justice systems than death penalty cases—and in fact ALL non-capital cases receive MUCH less in the way of appellate scrutiny than those where the death penalty is involved.  And in Illinois, NOT AT ALL one of the most backward or famously corrupt (except for the City of Chicago) states in the USA, DEATH ROW was populated by a process that was roughly as accurate as to guilt or innocence as FLIPPING A COIN.

As for further proof, look at the studies and statistics from the Innocence Project and the results of cases reopened with DNA testing—a HUGE PERCENTAGE of rape and murder cases are REOPENED and thrown out because of DNA results—and what about crimes with no such independently objective standards of testing like burglary or other forms of theft which leave few biotissue residues behind?  I’d say that the Criminal Justice System in the United States is APPALLING inaccurate and unfair as to guilt, innocent, or even probable cause to believe in guilt….. BUT ONE of the major motivating factors in keeping the system going is the desire for COVERT racial oppression and segregation.  (Another is the profitability of the prison system to state and local governments and the utility of criminal justice as a form of and adjunct to Welfare….)

I have seen with my eyes that most people in FEDERAL custody are innocent of anything worthy to be called a CRIME under the Laws of God as stated in the Bible, the Common Law of England and America, or the Civil Law, and that most of the people in FEDERAL custody are there because of corrupt plea bargains, perjured testimony, and regulatory laws that make everyone “factually” guilty of something—no matter how trivial.

As for race and the law—I believe in HONESTY in the Law—this means that people should not be arrested or found guilty or put in prison MERELY because they are black or Hispanic.  As you know, I have STRONG personal beliefs AGAINST black-white racial integration, miscegenation, and stronger doubts about the honor and integrity of the Civil Rights movement.

HOWEVER, I can and do distinguish between honest color-blind law enforcement and honest endorsement of segregation.  And what I see in the STATE systems, and up to a point in the Federal System as well, is that CHARGING PEOPLE WITH CRIMES has become a dishonest and hypocritical SURROGATE for lawful segregation.

I do not believe that most of the blacks and hispanics are in jail because they have committed serious crimes.  I do think that many or most of them are in jail because they are black or hispanic and this is EXTREMELY dishonest administration of justice. IF there are rational and positive reasons to segregate the races, and I think that well there may be, then we need to reopen THAT debate and address it full frontally, face on.  My Ph.D. in Anthropology, and my studies of biology ad history as well as law and politics all lead me to believe that a restoration of racial segregation COULD be a positive good for all peoples.

BUT INSTEAD, since the 1870s, more and more with time, black slavery has been replaced by black penal servitude and now hispanic penal servitude.  THIS IS IMMORAL BECAUSE IT IS DISHONEST.  It means that WHITE prisoners are more likely to get fair trials and be acquitted or convicted based on actual guilt or innocent, whereas there is a PRESUMPTION that all blacks and hispanics, once arrested, need to be incarcerated, especially the males.  THIS IS SO OFFENSIVE TO ME IT MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL.  The White Power Elite of the United States wants to PRETEND to protect racial equality by Civil Rights but they go on rounding up a hugely disproportionate number of blacks and hispanics.  EVERYONE who has seen the prison statistics and the faces of the prisoners KNOWS THIS TO BE TRUE.  And as I’ve told you—I simply do not accept your presumption that IQ statistics are valid as indicators of much of anything except success in school.  There are tricks to taking tests and scoring high on them which are taught in school and sometimes taught at home.  I know because I’m a life-long beneficiary of being taught such tricks (and even so the Louisiana Bar Exam Materials this year seems like the most difficult thing I’ve ever tackled).

But DO YOU SEE MY POINT: The CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM cannot HONESTLY and JUSTLY act as a SURROGATE MEANS OF SEGREGATION.  The entire criminal justice system is ROTTEN, State and Federal for Whites, Blacks and Asians.  That is a reality, but the deeper well of reality is that the ROTTEN Criminal Justice system serves a dishonest purpose—it keeps black males off the streets BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK more than because they are dangerous.

And Felonies?  Well, you just are talking to the wrong person if you want a certification that most regulatory Felony Statutes Judgments in the USA are just or proper.

I have lost, had stolen, or given up a great deal of wealth and property in my life, way too much to be called sane, but as regards “felons in possession” was it fair that I had to give away a large historic and modern firearms collection when indicted for the alleged heinous crime of misstating two digits of my social security number in an application for a non-interest bearing checking account at Wells Fargo Bank on Congress Avenue in November 1996 when I had 14 other bank accounts at Wells Fargo and other banks which all had my correct number?  When Wells Fargo Bank never noticed that my SSN was wrong (because all other information was correct and all accounts were clearly MINE and traceable to ME and nobody else)?

I am totally in favor of EQUALIZING the restoration of post-conviction rights of “Felons” to keep and bear arms with the post-conviction rights to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion, and yes I provided Herbert Paul Bethel’s briefs and all the case research I did to the New Orleans Public Defenders who won this major victory.

IF there is to be a dialogue about RACE in the United States it must be an HONEST and DIRECT dialogue, and it should be focused on the processes of BIOLOGICAL EVOLUTION, ECOLOGY, and the maintenance of GENETIC, GENOTYPIC, GENOMIC, and PHENOTYPIC DIVERSITY—exactly as we so readily discuss the endangered species act and conservation laws in relation to animal and plant species and the maintenance of their diversity.

From: Bob Hurt <bob@bobhurt.com>
To: Charles Edward Lincoln III <lincoln_for_california@rocketmail.com>
Cc: “herbhogs@msn.com” <herbhogs@msn.com>
Sent: Sunday, 24 March 2013, 20:29
Subject: Re: Major New Orleans Ruling on the RIght to Keep & Bear Arms—following MacDonald v. City of Chicago

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