Pastor Daniel Christian Mack’s Good Friday Meditations on ordinary human Pain and Suffering in these United States, and how much the federal government wants to make sure you suffer….

Good Friday morning.  Who EVER thought I’D be writing so passionately about this subject on GOOD FRIDAY????

I was going to write you the other night while I found myself riveted to a multi-houred documentary called WEED on the Discovery Channel.   It was on the fight between law enforcement and the medicinal marijuana farmers in the Emerald Triangle of Northern California.  I can only remember the one farmer because he was the oldest, B.E. Smith, a former Viet Nam Vet who others were coming to in confidence that he might help them help others aslaw enforcement and the system was making the mission of getting the cure to patients not only nearly impossible, but extremely dangerous in the process.  If I had to sum up the issue from the farmer’s point of view, it would be B.E. Smith’s comment; “You know, the gov‘t trained me to be a killingmachine, and I was very effective at it (as he almost got momentarily choked up remembering some of the carnage).  Now, they want to put me in prison for a plant.”

Another young farmer came to him for help as he too was trying to help patients with new strains of the plant.  And still anotherformerly the most successful dispensory owner in Vallejo, CA before they suddenly raided his business and took everything was still trying to figure out how to proceed to get medicine to his patients as he was out on bail facing an 8 year prison sentence.

Why, why did it only infuriate me as I watched to listen to and watch the law-enforcement side so more than proud to talk about the seriousness of their jobs, the pride they took in getting over a million plants off the street last year, to blame the downfall of America on marijuana, to make sweeping statements about marijuana being the downfall of our youth and society today, and at great expense to taxpayers arm themselves with only the latest offensive technology and expensive gear (including a high-tech helicopter) that they have to fight the war on …marijuana!   So smug, so proud, so self-righteous and self-justified in drawing a government paycheck and benefits with “the law on their side” as they hunt and harass and steal and destroy with military precision these holistic farmers and others trying to get the cure to those who need it?  (Yes, I guess that was one sentence!)

I’m still steamin‘ from what I saw.

Another farmer and his wife had do deal with neighbors that were making property lines an issue, only as an excuse to draw attention to the product they were growing. This led to his bank accounts suddenly being closed –by the bank, and without explanation, and a letter ordering him to turn in his guns (I think the letter called them weapons) because his conceal/carry permit had suddenly been revoked.  The farmer did.  Yet you could see thehandwriting on the wall with the “law enforcement” helicopter outfitted with men in military garb and high-powered rifles and high-tec cameras buzzing his property.  His wife was feeling threatened too of course, but even more so since she had garnered the affection of wild dear coming onto her property which the neighbors invited hunters to shoot out of spite.

There was absolutely no evidence even suggested that any of these farmers (or even the formerly successful dispensary entrepreneur)  were supplying ganga to anyone other than patients who needed it –including one Stanford University Doctor who was at the end of her rope for a cure for her (4?) year-old son’s epileptic seisures which occured 10-12 times a day.  The Canabanoid extract (without the THC) seemed to cure this.  Yet, the farmer who committed to the mom/doctor that he would get the cure for her talked about the risks he was taking to get this medicine to them–especially because of laws concerning giving medicine to children.

But the actions and attitude of “law enforcement” opitomizes in my view everything that’s wrong with this country.  Funding a war on America under the false pretense of do-gooding by the very people that the war is killing!  And with impunity.   Self righteous BASTARDS!  Highly decorated HOOEY!  They all need to be stricken with disease that only canabanoids will cure!

Ironically, one of the patients was a former Fed Narcotics Agent who was dying of some disease that his (system) doctor told him was very agressive and would keep him from walking very soon.  Within weeks, this man was crawling.  He became a patient and believer in the canabanoids and was walking around like normal, but of course the farmer who delivered the medicine spoke of the dangers in delivering it.

Did you ever meet B.E.Smith in your travels?

You want me to vote?  Let me vote with my feet.

I want everyone to see that documentary.



No I never met B.E. Smith but I have heard talk about him.  There are obviously a great number of similarly situated farmers in California’s Central Valley The charges against Herbert Paul Bethel still stand, and he has basically run out of money to defend himself…..

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