FORGED PROMISSORY NOTES: We Need Other Examples of Expert-Verified Forged Promissory Notes Wachovia to Wells Fargo Transition—Please Help if you have information.

Please Help: I would like to assemble a list of forensically verified (expert witness confirmed) FORGED PROMISSORY NOTES, especially by Wells Fargo claiming status as successor to Wachovia.  We have obtained an expert witness report in New Jersey who has verified and distinguished a probable forgery in a Wachovia note now claimed as proof by Wells Fargo.  I am looking for any comparable forgeries verified by expert witness analyses in other cases.  

I will share all our information with anyone who will share with us any of the following (1) experts reports, (2) images of the forgery, and (3) expert curriculum vitae concerning other Wachovia/Wells Fargo Forgeries.  It would especially be useful to have evidence from any bank or mortgage finance company/originator at all (any brand name) in the Middle Atlantic States: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania, but really from Wells Fargo and Wachovia anywhere.  Please contact me here on this blog or at and provide me contact information.  I will pay costs of duplicating, certification, and express delivery of the documentation.

There may be a pattern of forgery which document or evidence the sloppy securitization practiced at Wachovia and Wells Fargo’s lack of concern for accuracy or honesty in proof of its status as actual holder of notes allegedly “inherited” from Wachovia.  


The Wachovia “note” in question (produced May 15, 2013) also had inconsistent footers and inconsistent patterns of pagination from page-to-page.  I would be very interested in seeing as many samples of Wachovia Notes and Mortgages from 2004-2009 (showing footers) as I can get my hands on.  

Aside from the facts concerning the forged signature, the problems are as follows:

One does not need to be a forensic document examiner or expert auditor of mortgages, commercial papers generally or promissory notes in particular to see and understand the significance of the word “REDACTED” stamped on the upper right hand corner of Page 1 of the Wachovia Bank document submitted by Foreclosure Mill-Law Firm REED-SMITH, nor of the “Lender’s Use Only” stamp on the bottom right of that same page.  These stamps both indicate even to the most casual observer that the copy tendered is both NON-ORIGINAL and ALTERED from the original.

22.     “REDACTED” means nothing in the English language besides “edited” or “altered.” Yet this is “a true and correct copy of the Note from the loan file that was provided to” Foreclosure Mill-Law Firm REED-SMITH “by representatives of Wells Fargo Bank.”  REED-SMITH might as well have certified this “Note” as found on-line in Wikipedia or delivered to her by certain unidentified and unknown “Men in Black”.

23.     Any indication of forgery or alteration of a note or other document renders it impossible for the claimant to such note or other document to qualify as a “holder-in-due course” under the relevant provisions of New Jersey Law:

12A:3-302. Holder in due course

a. Subject to subsection c. of this section and subsection d. of 12A:3-106, “holder in due course” means the holder of an instrument if:

(1) the instrument when issued or negotiated to the holder does not bear such apparent evidence of forgery or alteration or is not otherwise so irregular or incomplete as to call into question its authenticity; and  [bold and Italic emphasis added]

(2) the holder took the instrument for value, in good faith, without notice that the instrument is overdue or has been dishonored or that there is an uncured default with respect to payment of another instrument issued as part of the same series, without notice that the instrument contains an unauthorized signature or has been altered, without notice of any claim to the instrument described in 12A:3-306, and without notice that any party has a defense or claim in recoupment described in subsection a. of 12A:3-305.

Last modified: February 13, 2012, consulted and copied on-line on Sunday June 2, 2013.

24.     Of course, Wells Fargo Bank has not yet offered even a scintilla of evidence that it “took the instrument for value, in good faith,….” Or “without notice that the instrument contains an unauthorized signature or has been altered.”


25.     A visual comparison of the footers show that the pages of Foreclosure Mill-Law Firm REED-SMITH’s  alleged “Note” do not belong to a single continuous series.

26.     The footers on pages 1-5 of the alleged Note bear the alphanumeric designations SD253A through SD253E, in each case followed by the parenthetical (2006-09-6) while page 6, bearing what purports to be MNM’s signature, bears only the alphanumeric designation SD253 without the expected sixth letter F, followed by the parenthetical (2004-03-1). 

27.     The page designation on alleged note page 6 is also different, printed as “Page 6 of 6” where none of the previous pages in the Note bear this “of 6” inscription or notation.

28.     Following the first parenthetical, pages 1 and 2 only bear the further bracketed parenthetical [A 02 (2006-09-6)] and then “Adjustable Pick-A-Payment” Note followed by “NJ”. 

29.     On page 1 this inscription is condensed, as if electronically, moved right to accommodate the inserted rectangular box “Lender’s Use Only” which does not appear on any other page but bears a bar code and the numbers “0 0 1.”

30.     The footers on Alleged Note Pages 3, 4, and 5 all lack this second bracketed parenthetical entirely, and the “ADJUSTABLE PICK-A-PAYMENT NOTE” is properly centered and isolated over the “Page 3” inscription.

31.     The signature page, perhaps significantly, does NOT bear the centered “ADJUSTABLE PICK-A-PAYMENT NOTE” designation above “Page 6 of 6” but it DOES contain a second bracketed parenthetical, which matches the different date identified above of (2004-03-1) by stating [W14 (2004-03-01)].

32.     Finally, in regard to the footers, the First Page is also unique because, beneath the left margin-justified SE253A (2006-09-6) notation, it bears the further left margin-justified text: “A MODIFICATION TO NOTE AND RIDER TO SECURITY,” which is inconsistent with the title “Adjustable Rate mortgage Note Fixed Advantage Pick-a-Payment (sm) LOAN (MONTHLY INTEREST RATE CHANGES) at the top of the same page.

33.     This “visual” analysis of the footers indicate that while pages 3, 4, and 5 come from a single pre-printed series, pages 1, 2, and 6 have either been altered or come from other pre-printed series, with page 6, the signature page, showing the most radical divergence in form and relationship to the other pages.

19 responses to “FORGED PROMISSORY NOTES: We Need Other Examples of Expert-Verified Forged Promissory Notes Wachovia to Wells Fargo Transition—Please Help if you have information.

    ( Johnson vs Wells Fargo Bank NA, ect – Appeal case # 12-17393)

    Dear Investigators,
    I am very worried that you have not heard about the 60 Minute Robo-signing scam. However, it has done very little for individuals in the United States Eastern District Court of Sacramento California. I am writing you because we need your help here in Sacramento. You will not believe what I have uncovered here in this Federal Court house. I am sure this agenda is happening all over the country, but I have evidence that it is definitely here in this Court house. This Federal Eastern District Court has set out its own agenda policies without regards of the law and the victims of your report to on its own stop the mass filings of Quiet title claims against the banks. They do not want these cases in this Court house. They are making it so difficult for an ordinary Plaintiff to win his case even when they see that there is clear evidence of Fraudulent created and filed documents that have been presented to the Court. The Court here in Sacramento is intentionally ignoring and in those cases they are suppressing the fraud off the record of the Defendants Motions to dismiss hearings. If and when you decide to do an investigation you will see that the Judges are intentionally finding bogus reasons not to enforce California law. They are fully aware that their employer has sought prosecution of the same banks because of your report. The problem is, when you go into the Courts before the judges as an individual, the Judges refer to those same fraudulent robo signed documents as simple irregularities to justify Plaintiffs loss or dismissal of their cases. This is contrary to the law. It is Common Law that once a Court see’s the Fraud that the Banks have committed they must leave the banks without a defense with any judgment in their favor. Plaintiffs automatically are supposed to win. The Court does not want to do this. The reason this is true is because the Court would be aiding and abetting the banks by allowing defendants to win. The Courts cannot do this. It is illegal.
    What happens when a Judge doesn’t want to let the homeowners win because many people will have a free house? The Courts have said that they do not want to give away free houses. This is why they are illegally depriving Plaintiffs of their Due Process right and of a fair hearing. They are doing the job of trying to fix the economy, stopping law suites and being a Judge at the same time.
    There is a Conflict of interest in the Eastern District Court here in Sacramento because of this agenda. I am a victim of the Bank and now I have become a victim of the Court. Not only did I show the Court the fraud, I put the OCC report before the Court also. The Judge intentionally drafted its Dismissal Findings and recommendations order to construe around all the fraudulent evidence before it as to prevent Plaintiff from winning his case. To further the fraud, the Court altered the trial transcripts in my case before it went to the Appeals Court. Plaintiff in his case was forced to file an appeal even though he had won his case. Plaintiff has addressed all these allegations in his appeal. He also has supplied a motion for Judicial Notice showing evidence of several other rulings that this same District Court judge has entered. After seeing the fraudulent robo-signed documents the Judge still dismissed the case. This unlawful Conduct has become so ramped that California attorneys refuse to take Plaintiff cases even when they can show clear Mortgage Fraud. The Attorney’s here in Sacramento want to be paid and have said they do not understand why the Courts are refusing to enforce California law. My investigation shows the problem is with the Court trying not to award homes to Plaintiffs. They believe that this will destroy the economy if banks were to lose as the law requires. Even though the banks are left defenseless the Courts are making rulings construing its written dismissal order around the law, case law and the evidence. This is a problem.
    I don’t know why, but the District Court Judges here in Sacramento, seem to think that a the bank mortgage fraud agenda is more important than a citizens Constitutional Rights. A citizen’s rights are not worth anything anymore if it affects the agenda of this Court. They are making the economy their own issue to help fix the economy over the Constitutional right of the victims.
    An investigation from your show will uncover the crazy and unethical rulings that the Judges are using to prevent these foreclosure fraud victims cases from proceeding to a jury. The main tool used by the Courts, is that a person cannot proceed with a Quiet Title Claim unless it tenders payment of the full debt. This has been used over and over again to simply stop the suit in its tracks even when the Court has seen the fraud that the banks have committed. It is wrong and unlawful. Can you please do a report on this? Can you please file a notice of interested parties in this case or a notice of journalist investigation? By your show doing this, it will force the Court to act right when they know an investigation is ongoing.
    Here is some information from my case. If you use Pacer you will see all the documents filed and you will see the clearly the District Courts intentional fraud conduct. It is a shameful farce.
    Thank you and please do not hesitate to call me. This case will be bigger than the last report. Uncovering the fraud in a Federal Court house will be a big story.


      I had a country wide home loan Subprime – B/C 2 yr Fixed, 28 yr ARM Libor IO. This in Hawaii from 2005 Ditech and Bank New York Mellon are pursing foreclose after stopping paying in 2010. Ditech has sent me this Adjustable Rate Mortgage Note that isn’t filed in the Bureau of Conveyance which is a 5 page document. The 3 page has horrible signatures in the K and J of my middle name and one initial K that is easily when looked at not my and when compared to my signatures in the Bureau in the state of Hawaii. I can be reached at and will provide documentation.

  2. The next housing shock
    5, JULY 2013 WRITER
    On May 11, 2010, Lamont Johnson a Sacramento, California picky pay loan victim filed an action against Wachovia Bank FSB and its agents in the Northern District of California. Facing foreclosures and evictions by Wells Fargo Bank Johnson with little cash attempted to become a part of a pending Class Action case filed in the Northern District before Judge Jeremy Fogel (Mandrigues v. World Savings Bank, Inc., et al.) Upon Filing his case, Johnson immediately served Wells Fargo banks, Unlawful Detainer Attorney, Fred Kaiser. Wells Fargo Attorney Kaiser ignored the complaint. Johnson’s case was subsequently transferred from the Northern District to the Eastern District of Sacramento on October 21, 2010 Case NO. 2:10-cv-02839, Johnson vs. Wachovia Bank FSB et al. Johnson initially filed his case Pro Se and later hired Attorney Roxanne Mosley. Mosley represented Johnson for a short period of time eventually abandoning Johnson’s case.
    On or about August 31, 2011 Johnsons case came before newly appointed Eastern District Court Judge Carolyn Delaney. October 6, 2011 Delaney filed an Order to Show Cause. On October 21, 2011 Johnson filed a Substitution of Attorney and a response to the Delaney Order to show Cause. Just entering the case, Johnson had been requesting from Delaney time to restructure and update his claim because there were defects in his First amended complaint and so much more violations that had occurred since Johnson’s original filing. Delaney denied Johnson that opportunity and on April 11, 2012, Document Query 46, Delaney ordered Johnson to Serve on Defendants Wells Fargo Bank Johnsons defective complaint drafted by Johnson’s previous Attorney Mosley. Defendants Wells Fargo Bank after being served immediately filed a Motion to dismiss. Delaney thereafter decided on her own and in violation of her oath, her duty and the law, set Johnsons case on a course to intentionally dismiss his case.
    As Johnson filed his opposition to Defendant Wells Fargo Banks, Motion to dismiss, Johnson attached his proposed Second amended complaints to his answers, despite Delaney’s attempt to stop him from repairing his claims. Johnson added claims of Quiet Title, Racketeering under Rico, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Conspiracy to foreclose using false and fraudulent document and affricatives. Johnson attached documented evidence showing that Wells Fargo Bank employees robo-signed and used forged and false documents to foreclose. Some of Johnsons attached evidence show that documents were notarized but not even signed. Johnson even attached documents that were back dated. To top it off, Johnson showed that defendants made a material alteration on his Deed of Trust for his Yorktown Property. It was changed from its original form and filed with the wrong address. Johnson’s Yorktown property Deed of Trust clearly illegally had an unreferenced attachment to it in an attempt to repair the defect in the legal description. The attachment was done after Johnson signed the contract. What was most difficult for Johnson to deal with was that he was disabled and going through a major depression and stress at the time and seeking counseling. Johnson always informed Delaney in his documents to be patient with him because he was going through this and it will take him more time to complete his Second Amended complaint. Delaney ignored Johnson’s documents.
    On September 12, 2012 Delaney moved forward with defendant Wells Fargo’s Motion to dismiss trail. Transcripts show that District Court Judge Delaney conducted the trial to look procedural, but it was a sham trial. Despite all the evidence of fraud , and serious causes of actions Johnson claimed, Delaney intentionally and in violation of her oath and Duty suppressed all Johnson’s arguments, case law, arguments and evidence and refused at the hearing to allow any allegations of fraud to be put on record. Delaney asked both Johnson and Defendants Wells Fargo one main question. What is your legal theory? Delaney thereafter dismissed Johnson’s unfinished second amended complaint on the spot.
    The mistake that District Court Judge Delaney made was that she drafted, filed and mailed fraudulent Findings and Recommendations conclusion order #65 that dismissed Johnson’s case by intentionally misrepresenting Johnson’s legal theory and by suppressing Johnson’s legal arguments and Fraud evidence that were attached to his complaint. Delaney intentionally drafted her order to construe around case law and evidence Johnson presented as if they did not exist. District Court Judge Delaney knew of Defendant Wells Fargo Banks fraudulent activities. They were common knowledge. Delaney’s employer along with 49 other States Attorney Generals, were part of a nationwide Class Action which identified the same fraudulent conduct by these same defendants. Delaney intentionally suppressed Johnson’s evidence because she did not want a Pro Se Plaintiff (Johnson) to win his case. District Court Judge Delaney knew that if she acknowledged verbally or in writing the fraud that she would be required to leave Defendants Wells Fargo Bank right where they stand without a defense. Delaney refused to allow this to happen as duty required her to do. In fact, in Johnson’s current appeal, he claims that the District Court altered the trial transcripts when it found out he was going to appeal the decision. All allegations are on the online Pacer cite. The Courts suppression of the banks fraud is clear. Johnson’s appeal outlines the Courts legal violations. Johnson is currently awaiting the appeals Court ruling in the ninth Circuit in Sacramento, California. Johnson believes that the appeals Court will help the District Court Judge cover up her fraudulent conduct. Watch for yourself. This will make Johnson a victim again and never hold the banks liable. In California, no person has won a Quiet Title Claim in our Eastern District Court. This can only be intentionally done and created by the District Courts own agenda policy because it is not by law. Johnson filed documents in the Appeal Courts that show that The District Court Judge was acting unlawfully. Johnson showed that the Judge regularly dismisses Pro Se Plaintiffs cases whom showed the Court Fraudulent documents. The Courts are trying to stop the flood of cases being filed by violating the Constitutional right to a trial of the Plaintiffs even when it sees the fraudulent documents. It is not suppose to do this. This is not the Courts job and it is illegal.

  3. I just discovered that my WF note is paged the same way. I left my email. Contact me if you would like to discuss. Thx

  4. I have a questionable promissory note canceled bu Wachovia in 2004 . Now they claim that it is not theirs . SPS was the servicer ,

    • Charles Edward Lincoln III

      Send me information if you’re seriously interested—call Melinda at 805-813-7600 or e-mail her at “”.

  5. I find this interesting, as I have a Wachovia note for second mortgage that was assumed by Wells. It later became unsecured in a short sale. WF has used a few collectors to try to negotiate but won’t work in writing and my last validation request indicated that they were unable to validate the debt. Attached to this was the original note? I can provide but would be interested in mutual sharing of info on this case.

  6. Byron Gashler

    Please give me your email address so I can send you information on fraud of World Savings/Wachovia/Wells Fargo. My email is:

  7. Carol Reeves

  8. I have been fighting Wells Fargo for going on five years, wells fargo produced a bogus signing contract from MERS, even the Gaul to title the servicer as a mangy antron, I think the robo signer meant managing attorney, the court ignored it, I have had my documents not filed or mailed back to me by the federal court, I have had the federal court completely ignore the fraud and forgery, My home was foreclosed on last year, i’m still in it and refuse to leave. There is another important twist, notaries are liable for witnessing forgeries, I have many examples of forged trustee deeds. I have written the AG, OIG, FTC about this rampant fraud and so far no investigation has happened. The substitute trustee appointed concerning my house has a thousand forgeries listed under her name in the El Paso Texas property records, verified by a notary and nobody will investigate it. Unfortunately wells fargo is shooting fish in a barrell here in El Paso, and anyone who could stop it, turns a blind eye or claims its not within their jurisdiction to stop it. I would be very happy to share the wells fargo fraud in my case. i can be reached at the above email address.

  9. Good day light warriors 🙂
    I saw this call while searching online for “what to do when a judge forges a verified complaint ” in a supposed case, from a “directly injured person”. This is happening to me (for a 3 day license expiration ticket) now and is common practice at Humboldt county ca court traffic division. Maybe something you are interested in helping with? It could be lucrative work as every violation is 25k paid for by the state employee personally. If so I would be thrilled to indulge a conscious group of like minds with the stories that People for the Republic (constitutional rights information group) have gathered on judges forging complaints and entering pleas without our consent. All entirely unconstitutional. Many lawsuits in the works now.
    But on this matter of forged promissory notes, I wonder if I may be able to help in testifying or something, against mortgage companies and banks? Or help you in anyway really? I have experience executing these notes I am fairly certain. Ten years ago I was employed by a subsidiary of wachovia bank called homeeq, who would charge people for late fees and begin forclosure on homes, when banks transfer their loans to us to “service” people. The people were often unaware and livid and it was my job to calm them down, but i had no idea what was going on truly. I also used to process loans for a mortgage company at 19 years old, totally misinformed. The adjustable rates were a horrid trap that was never fully disclosed to anyone including myself. The Countrywide rep in Sacramento would come through with an approval stamp for everything.

    If i may be of service, please do not hesitate to let me know how. I am fed up and ready to peacefully fight this injustice.

    Oh and on that note. If you or someone you know can help me with their website,&/or video editing skills.i am eager to develop a site to help reveal the police brutality and court system injustices, nationally then globally. I just got the domain name “occupy injustice”, and I have content provider lawyer assistance, to provide people with their Constitutional rights, and how to get out of traffic tickets etc. I have many ideas to execute. I will be doing a kick starter campaign for this cause soon, but I figured I’d reach out to the most conscious tech pro’s I know of first 🙂
    Thanks for your time, valuable work and genuine regard for humanity!


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  11. I have a note exactly as described in the original post, and I too thought it was a fraudulent document. What else have you discovered?

  12. CITIMORTGAGE ATTACHED A FORGED PROMISSORY NOTE TO MY FORECLOSURE COMPLAINT. The allonged and the mortgage assignments are also fake and robo signed by Scott Scheiner, VP for MERs. Mr. Scheiner actually works for Citimortgage and assigned the mortgage to his bank (CITIbank) from the previous bank. Also, the mortgage assignment is backdated. HELP. I live in Miami Dade County, FL. Here, the Judges are robo signing foreclosure complaints.

    • Charles Edward Lincoln III

      So do you have a lawyer or are you representing yourself? I have no idea what I could do or how I could help you, but you can reach me by calling Bob Hurt at 727-669-5511 or texting me 504-408-5492, or e-mail to,com.

  13. I have a forged mortgage note and a forensic examination report..I am in Maryland and. But I believe the courts are totally corrupt hercommittingso called substitute trustees attorneys are committing felonies and fraud upon the courts and are getting away with it.

  14. I have a forged mortgage note and a forensic examination report..I am in Maryland and. But I believe the courts are totally corrupt here. The so called substitute trustees attorneys are committing felonies and fraud upon the courts and are getting away with it.

  15. Does anyone have a document signed by Tricia Platte?

  16. I have proven forgery from aurora loan services to nationstar.

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