US GOV’T = Hogan’s Hero’s

Are Harvard and the balance of the Ivy League still in any way committed to “VERITAS?” If so, pray tell, what does Oprah Winfrey have to do with “VERITAS?”


The lack of knowledge or our highest leaders is astounding and quite frankly beyond belief.  How can these Ivy league educated lawyers and professionals be so stupid? If I were Columbia, Harvard, Yale, etc. I would be rescinding their diploma’s and demanding an accounting of just how they managed to get through their schools with this kind of incompetence. For instance, watch this little questioning of the FBI director who is supposedly the best investigator of the best investigative agency in the world:

How do they get away with this crap? Well, let me state the obvious…..





Why does all of this matter? It matters simply because you are no longer free to communicate with friends and feel secure in sharing your views without some reprisal from a government agent.  I am not talking about just criminals who have a reason to…

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