Ok, so let’s get this Straight—Lady Voldemort (aka Megan Stammers)—the girl who cannot be named—COULD be named last year twenty million times to take away her LIFE, LIBERTY, and PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS forever, but she cannot be named now.  I am totally serious—the British People of Good Character and Integrity should rise up and either demand the death penalty for the police and prosecutors involved or lynch them sua sponte.   All the people involved in the arrest and detention of of Jeremy Forrest and Megan Stammers need to die.  They are inhuman and inhumane and they have no right to live.  Jeremy Forrest and Megan Stammers emphatically, absolutely DO.

Jeremy Forrest trial: ‘Schoolgirl bragged to pal that she had sex with teacher eight times a night’

18 Jun 2013 08:39

Jurors heard the alleged intimate details of married Jeremy Forrest’s affair with his pupil on the day they faced each other for the first time since his arrest

Accused: Jeremy Forrest travelled to France with his 15-year-old pupil
Accused: Jeremy Forrest travelled to France with his 15-year-old pupil
Adam Gerrard

A schoolgirl who went on the run with her teacher bragged to a pal they had sex eight times a night, a court heard yesterday.

Jurors heard the alleged intimate details of married Jeremy Forrest’s affair with his pupil on the day they faced each other for the first time since his arrest in Bordeaux last year.

A girl friend of the teacher’s then 15-year-old lover told his trial: “They had sex in the car, she told me that. That was recently.

“She said sometimes they didn’t use protection because they were in the car and he didn’t have any condoms.”

Asked what the girl was wearing her friend said: ‘Her school uniform as they used to meet straight from school.

‘That was a navy polo top, knee length black skirt, black tights and black vans.

“She also said they went to hotels and his house.”

She added: “One time she told me they went to a big shopping centre I think it was Bluewater.

“They went to the cinema next to it, they went for a meal after and stayed in a hotel.

“She said they had sex multiple times in one night.

“It was seven or eight times she said.

“That was during the summer.”

She said they sent each other texts, adding: “There were some sexual ones, they were quite graphic things, it’s really like cringy stuff.

“A lot of stuff about sexual things they wanted to do.”

Jeremy Forrest
In the dock: Forrest is charged with child abduction
Adam Gerrard

Earlier, Lewes Crown Court heard how the schoolgirl persuaded her teacher lover to go on the run with her amid fears she may kill herself.

The teenager, who cannot be named, told a court she fled to France aged 15 with married teacher Forrest just hours after police quizzed her over their illicit affair.

Today, the girl, now aged 16, came face to face with Forrest for the first time since he was arrested in Bordeaux last year as she gave evidence at his trial in East Sussex.

They exchanged smiles as she took the witness stand in person, having refused the offer of a video-link.

Wearing a black, sleeveless dress, the dark-haired teenager said she was quizzed by police on Wednesday, September 19, last year at her home in Eastbourne, East Sussex, and her phone was seized.

She told the court she panicked because she feared her mum would find out about Forrest, her relationships with two previous boyfriends and drug-taking because of texts on her phone.

The court heard Forrest had comforted the teenager who suffered depression, an eating disorder, self-harmed and was having problems at home.

The teenager told the court she rang Forrest the day after the visit and told him her phone had been seized and that she was going to run away.

She said: “I told him I was going to run away from home by myself.

“He tried to persuade me not to run away.

“I said I was going and nobody was going to stop me.

“He was telling me not to do anything silly, that I could end up in danger or harm myself.

“I was very determined and once I had an idea in my head nobody was going to stop me, not Jeremy, not anybody.”

She continued: “He was concerned that if I went on my own I would be in danger, it would be a better idea if he came with me.

“I was very pleased.

“If Jeremy had said he would not come with me, I dread to think what kind of situation I would be in then.”

Describing her mood at the time, she said: “I felt very low indeed, I didn’t know what to do.

“I was desperate.”

Defence barrister Ronald Jaffa asked her if she felt suicidal, to which she replied: “Yes”.

Tears welled in her eyes when she added: “I was concerned about Jeremy getting into trouble.

“If Jeremy got into trouble I don’t know what I would do.” 

Jim and Julie Forrest, the parents of former school teacher Jeremy Forrest
Support: Forrest’s parents Jim and Julie arrive at court
Adam Gerrard /Daily Mirror

The court heard Forrest arranged to meet the girl who had packed a bag and her passport and they drove to Dover to catch a ferry to Calais on the evening of Thursday, September 20.

Describing Forrest as he drove towards the port, she said: “He seemed very worried and very emotional.

“I don’t think he wanted to take me anywhere.

“I was insistent, I was adamant we had to go otherwise I feared what would happen.

“He said to me ‘This is not going to end very well, but if you are insisting things could happen to you as a result, we have to.”

The trial heard that later Forrest repeatedly asked the schoolgirl if she wanted to return home.

She said: “He, on numerous times, on the way to France and while we were there, he said ‘If I ever wanted to go back he would give me money and send me off so I could go home.

“He was saying ‘I can’t go back’. He was now stuck in the position.”

The court earlier heard how the girl developed a crush on Forrest following a schooltrip to Los Angeles in February 2012 in which he advised her on her personal problems.

She said: “He was very encouraging to get help and seemed very worried about it and didn’t want to let the situation go, he really wanted to do something about it.”

The court heard the girl had ‘fallen in with a bad crowd, ‘at Bishop Bell CoE school, Eastbourne, East Sussex, and been truanting, taking drugs and spending time in detention.

She said her relationship with her mother, who was expecting a fifth child and was divorcing her step-dad, had broken down.

Speaking of her mother, she said: “I didn’t get on with her very well.

“I didn’t like her, she wasn’t supportive.”

She added: “When there’s a divorce going on, the attention in the family is on the parents, not the children.”

She said she feared her mum might throw her out of home if she had discovered she had been taking drugs, and that her mum refused to believe she had an eating disorder.

Asked whether her mother knew about her affair with Forrest, she replied: “She had obviously heard rumours about it but wasn’t 100% sure about what was going on.”

The court also heard the schoolgirl claimed police warned her she would be arrested if she did not co-operate with them when she returned to the UK last September.

The jury has heard how Forrest was arrested in Bordeaux on October 2 last year following an eight day search for the couple.

Forrest, of Ringmer, near Lewes, East Sussex, denies child abduction.

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