President Barack Obama’s Son’s Killer Exonerated! American & Florida Prosecutors Found Guilty of Cowardice, Malicious Prosecution, & Treason against the Constitution. (Anytime you find an issue where Alan Dershowitz and Rush Limbaugh Agree, you know something very strange is going on.)

Alan Dershowitz has already called for the prosecutors to be prosecuted.  Rush Limbaugh has called it a “Show Trial”.  When was the last time those two ever agreed about the time of day, much less anything controversial?  

Time is out of joint…..

I suggest this: the Florida Prosecution-Team SHOULD be at the very least SUED for Civil Rights Violations including Malicious Prosecution and failure adequately to train its employees.  But it is possible, there is certainly evidence, that the White House pressured these prosecutors.   So I want to see them (the Seminole County District Attorney’s Office) plead the “Eichmann Defense.”  I think the people of the United States are entitled to think, as I do, that the Florida prosecutors were just “Acting Under Orders” in prosecuting the hapless George Zimmerman.  


What other criminal accused in the history of the United States has ever had to deal with the publicity of having his victim symbolically adopted by the President of the United States (albeit posthumously).   The Half-White Obama’s adoption of clearly mulatto Floridian Trayvon Martin as his son amounted to the most invidious reverse racism in history.  For purely sensational purposes, the first half-white President adopted a Mulatto Son who no more looks like Obama than I do—except for his Skin Color and Ethnic Origins.  


OH the stupid hypocrisy of the American People in electing and re-electing this Kenyan Gigolo to the White House!  Until now, there was not a single interesting legal issue surrounding the Zimmerman case, but now that he has been acquitted, “J’Accuse!”  It is appropriate that today, on the night before Bastille Day, the glorious Quatorze Juillet… a prisoner like Zimmerman was released from unjust captivity.  

But Obama and Holder must be held accountable for setting up this very Stalinist Show Trial, and for seeking to influence the course of an individual case.  In my opinion, Zimmerman has the right to sue both Obama and Holder and all officers of the Federal executive Branch who VIOLATED THE 10th AMENDMENT by unduly interfering and seeking to influence the outcome of a State Trial.  

There are already abundant grounds for impeaching Obama, but it has become clear that he (and Holder) used the Civil Rights Act to promote Anti-Zimmerman sympathies in Florida and throughout the Nation.

So I hereby CHALLENGE the House of Representatives: DO YOUR DUTY—Investigate the use of Federal Funds to promote this anti-majoritarian racial bigotry, and before the next Congressional Elections BRING A BILL OF IMPEACHMENT against both the PERVERTER-in-CHIEF and the worst Attorney General in U.S. History for multiple violations of the Constitution against Trayvon Martin’s Adoptive Father for trying to create racial divisiveness and conflict by exalting George Zimmerman into some sort of Grand Wizard of the KKK rank while portraying a petty punk criminal as anything OTHER than what he really was.   

One response to “President Barack Obama’s Son’s Killer Exonerated! American & Florida Prosecutors Found Guilty of Cowardice, Malicious Prosecution, & Treason against the Constitution. (Anytime you find an issue where Alan Dershowitz and Rush Limbaugh Agree, you know something very strange is going on.)

  1. Robert Striffler

    If I’m in the course of “constitutionally protected activities” walking home minding my own business, with candy for example, which by the way doesn’t even come close to rising to the legal level of “reasonable suspicion of criminal activity” for an investigation or detention even by a police officer (according to the controlling case law) and I’m followed then chased by a creep in the dark, who’s investigation of me is not a “constitutionally protected activity,” now with the Zimmerman verdict, I will kill that person following me without hesitation! Because now I have to fear for my life with that idiot irresponsible ruling that protected the absolutely criminally negligent behavior of George Zimmerman! With cameras on corners already watching my every move and the NSA/local police listening in on my calls, I damn sure don’t need some self righteous citizen on patrol invading my personal space and rights as well! Constitutionally protected activities are just that and my right is not to be accosted, investigated, followed or chased at night in the dark for this activity of walking home! I’d really like that person to be George Zimmerman whom I run into in the dark! Every time he gets into a confrontation with women, children and old men he goes for his gun! As it now turns out that night he was already angry for fighting with his wife! He’s a freakin’ coward punk! Now you want the real kicker, listen to the court case, George said on the taped phone call that “he (Trayvon) jumped out of some bushes!” Then look at the video of where this confrontation happened…there were no bushes there to jump out of! Now is that irrelevant to you also! And I’m white, come follow me in the dark and I’ll gut you like a pig! I’ll cut you everywhere but the bottom of your feet! Then I’ll shoot you!

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