Was Israel’s King David really a Monotheist?

This is not a trivial question nor do I ask it flippantly. There are many places in the Bible where the Monotheistic editors have not quite edited out earlier texts.

Douay-Rheims Bible
God Presides in the Great Assembly

1A psalm for Asaph. God hath stood in the congregation of gods: and being in the midst of them he judgeth gods.

2How long will you judge unjustly: and accept the persons of the wicked?

3Judge for the needy and fatherless: do justice to the humble and the poor.

4Rescue the poor; and deliver the needy out of the hand of the sinner.

5They have not known nor understood: they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth shall be moved.

6I have said: You are gods and all of you the sons of the most High.

7But you like men shall die: and shall fall like one of the princes.

8Arise, O God, judge thou the earth: for thou shalt inherit among all the nations.

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