“Adding Oil to the Wild-Fire of Savage Globalization”: While America Sleeps through Summer—in France the Front National Warns of a New Free Trade agreement—on the 224th Bastille Day

Today and for the entire past week (since July 13, the day before Bastille Day) Americans, goaded by their manipulative politicians and brain-dead mainstream media have been obsessing over the (artificially) “racially charged” saga of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin (including President BHO who first said, “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin” then corrected to, “that means I could be him or he could be me” with final suggested translation, “I am Trayvon Martin and Trayvon Martin died for your sins, so get ready to pay all you middle class people obsessed with being safe in your homes and wanting ther right to self-defense”). Now the NAACP is discussing with (the worst ever Attorney General Eric) Holder’s U.S. Department of (Manifest In-) Justice whether (now that he has been acquitted) George Zimmerman could be prosecuted under the Federal Civil Rights Laws.  Well, that’s OK, because it’s what PRESIDENT OBAMA wants us to focus on, right?  But turning (on this 224th Bastille Day) to the Website of the Front National led by Marine le Pen in France—I see that they are worried about a new free trade agreement I have never seen even discussed in the U.S. Press, a free trade agreement between the United States of America and the European Community which would dwarf NAFTA and truly lead to one single global economy.  The Front National is against it, and I think all sane Americans should wake up and oppose it also.  Can we escape from the trivialities on which the Media want us to focus?  I think we should….while there’s still a chance left:  This article warns that the opening of negotiations for a new free trade agreement is like “putting oil on the wild-fire of savage globalization.”  Yes, the French people are awake. I originally published this quote on July 14, a week ago, on the afternoon to wish all French Front National Members and Sympathizers a  Happy Bastille Day!  Joyeaux Quatorze Juillet!  Vive la France and Vive Marine le Pen and the Font National.  At least someone somewhere was paying attention to what’s really going on in the world:

Press Release Marine Le Pen, President of the National Front

Marine Le Pen strongly condemns the opening date of negotiations on a free trade agreement between the United States and the European Union.  [The Future Madame President has articulated her position forcefully, my translation]:
“The free trade agreement is inappropriate [“incompetent], above all in the midst of an economic and social crisis.  This agreement will exclusively benefit  the United States and its multinational corporations, while our farmers, our workers, our employees and our defense industry will be delivered into the wildest and most radical law of the jungle.  Serious health problems will also arise when the well-known dangerous methods of the American food industry result in strong pressure in this country to accept American GMOs.

The agitated distress of the French government in recent days following revelations of American espionage has not slowed the original schedule [for implementation of this agreement], which shows the [French government’s] total abandonment of the sovereignty of our country for the [hypothetical and supposed] benefit of the European Union. By supporting this agreement, the French [socialist] government hand-in-hand with the UMP [Union for a Popular Movement, = Rally for the Republic, Neo-Gaulist, supposedly conservative + French Democratic Union*] party betrays the interests of the French economy and our workers putting oil on the already devastating fire of unfettered globalization.

The French government must remove its hand [from this fire] by putting an immediate veto the agreement.  No opening of negotiations is justified.
Instead, France must return to a patriotic and self-preservative [protectionist  economic model. This implies [that France must] further control our economic and financial boundaries to face unfair international competition rather than open [ourselves to such things] even wider. Globalization should not be amplified or encourage but controlled and regulated.

(This is my personal free-hand translation, July 21, 2013, of the statement pubished ten days ago at) http://www.frontnational.com/2013/07/ouverture-des-negociations-sur-laccord-de-libre-echange-etats-unisue-hollande-et-lump-mettent-de-lhuile-sur-le-feu-de-la-mondialisation-sauvage/ (all [brackets] included above are clarifications inserted by CEL/Kalel, who takes sole responsibility for any and all errors)

Communiqués / 8 juillet 2013 / Mots-clefs : /

Communiqué de Presse de Marine Le Pen, Présidente du Front National

Marine Le Pen condamne fermement l’ouverture ce jour des négociations sur un accord de libre-échange entre les Etats-Unis et l’Union européenne.
L’accord de libre-échange est une ineptie, surtout en pleine crise économique et sociale ; il se fera au bénéfice exclusif des Etats-Unis et de leurs multinationales, alors que nos paysans, nos ouvriers, nos salariés et notre industrie de défense seront livrés à la loi de la jungle la plus radicale. De sérieuses questions sanitaires se poseront également, quand on sait les méthodes dangereuses de l’industrie agroalimentaire américaine et les pressions très fortes de ce pays en faveur des OGM.

L’agitation du gouvernement français ces derniers jours suite aux révélations sur l’espionnage américain n’aura pas fait bouger d’un iota le calendrier initial, ce qui démontre la perte totale et consentie de souveraineté de notre pays au bénéfice de l’Union européenne. En soutenant cet accord, le gouvernement français main dans la main avec l’UMP trahit les intérêts de l’économie française et de nos travailleurs en mettant de l’huile sur le feu déjà ravageur de la mondialisation sauvage.

Le gouvernement français doit retrouver la main en mettant immédiatement son veto sur cet accord. Aucune ouverture de négociation ne se justifie.
Au contraire, la France doit s’engager dans un modèle économique patriote et protecteur, de rebond. Ce qui suppose de maîtriser davantage nos frontières économiques et financières face à la concurrence internationale déloyale plutôt que de les ouvrir plus grand encore. La mondialisation ne doit pas être exacerbée mais maîtrisée et régulée. 

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