The American Dream: a 30 minute introduction in two parts (the role of Communism Omitted)

Watch and enjoy—especially if you have small children or newly arrived Martians in the family, school, or office—this is the story in a clean and easily digestible nutshell.  My thanks to Ellyn Trayne for pointing these out to me—she is truly a Diamond…..vivamus atque vincamus.

The above two short highly “sanitized and family friend” video pieces provide a short introduction to the current American reality—skipping two major steps—the role of Abraham Lincoln and the destruction of the South (“Dixie”land of private banking and true freedom), on the one hand, and the role of Communism in Reconstructing America for the past 165 years, from 1848-2013, from the first refugees from Germany after the failure of the Revolutions of 1848 to the First Year of the Second Term of Chairman Barack Hussein Obama.  

Abraham Lincoln did not really free any slaves, but he DID pave the way for all Americans to become slaves, regardless of race, color, or creed….and now Barack Hussein Obama presides over the final destruction of our constitution—if we let him (and his sponsors).

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