Vindicatio for Home Owners’ Justice: Second Only to Life & Liberty, To Be Secure Home in Your Home & Property is Your Most Important Right

Whereas, the World-Wide Banking & Financial Industries have become so corrupt that they now threaten every individual’s right to acquire and maintain ownership of a home and other forms of private property, and

Whereas, the State and Federal Courts, the Congress and Executive and many other branches of state and local government have provided, at best, fig leaves of protection for individual rights to private property and homeownership, and in many cases have actively conspired with the banks to destroy you individual rights, often through fraudulent manipulation, trickery or suppression of evidence, and

Whereas, Mario Kenny and Charles Edward Lincoln III have learned through hard experience and nationwide activism and advocacy on behalf of homeowners that even the most sincerely intended gimmicks and half-hearted efforts are no value, but ONLY dedicated persistence and perseverance using the most intense and advanced forms of research available offer any hope of victory against the largest and most corrupt “industry” in the world—an “industry” which specializes in death, destruction, and erasure rather than construction and production, so

Now Therefore, Mario Kenny and Charles Edward Lincoln III have come together to form VINDICATIO for HOME OWNERS’ JUSTICE and have retained the services of a Texas-Licensed Attorney (DLB) to represent them and their clients in a nationwide campaign (she will, obviously, have to appear Pro Hac Vice in other states until more permanent arrangements can be made).

            Mario Kenny was one of the first activists and bloggers to study the pooling and servicing agreement and to show homeowners the way to locate the “best evidence” as to the trustee (true owner) of their property.

            Charles Edward Lincoln, III, a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School disbarred in retaliation for his civil rights activism on behalf of the American Majority, has fought continuously since 2002 against the Banks and Securitized Lenders, and has worked towards perfecting litigation strategies.

            DLB is a high school history teacher, a licensed attorney with 11 years litigation experience, the mother of three and civil rights activist and organizer in her own right. DLB has agreed to serve as the nationwide representative of this movement, and to lead and represent all who need and aspire to final victory in this fight.

We are not your cheapest option, just your best!  Please contact:

Mario Kenny and/or Charles Edward Lincoln III via Mario Kenny’s blog at: or by e-mail at:

Charles Edward Lincoln III can be reached on Lincoln’s blog at:, by e-mail at; through Peter Milano at (732) 824-2348; Michael Mastoris at (609) 658-9575; or through Melinda Pillsbury-Foster at 805-813-7600.

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