On the Eve of My Son’s 21st Birthday—21 Years after he was born on the Eve of Hurricane Andrew—a Strange Estrangement: nothing here is real nothing here is right—my son has simply vanished, gone his own way without even telling me what that is…

A broken family and broken souls and spirits seems to be the goal of all family or domestic relations judges and lawyers, everywhere in the United States of America, and possibly elsewhere.  I don’t think many fathers were closer to their sons as children than I was to my son Charlie.  I sometimes feel that the story of my life, and my son’s disappearance, could be entitled, with very little exaggeration, “I married Medea.”  All those social workers, all those guardians ad litem, all those lawyers and judges–this is the fruit of their work—spiritual death and destruction.  Is there any hope of rebirth?  Of resurrection?  I have been very sad and depressed….  I go to a psychologist twice a week to discuss it all….. I go to Church as often as I can to pray…. Nothing helps.

In some ways, I suppose, Medea is the idealized mother of the Brave New World…which will simply not tolerate the family as an institution or tradition which might someday challenge or question the all-powerful secular humanist, social-welfare state….. But in the meantime, I do miss my son.  It will be hard to walk along the streets and beaches of our old neighborhood in Palm Beach 33480 without him.  In a happier time, his mother and I started him swimming at three months old….

On the eve of your 21st

Charlie Lincoln <>
1:16 PM (6 hours ago)

to charlieealincolniv
 Charlie-my-Whelp, my Son:
          On the Eve of your 21st: 
I want you to know that I love you and miss you, and am very worried about your life, your future, your heart, and your soul.  
         I know absolutely nothing real and true about your life for the past two years, although I have certainly heard some interesting stories.  Stories that you were in France, Greece, or at Harvard, none of which I have ever quite believed.  Your wonderful Aunt Alex told me in June that your grandmother Nina had just come back from Cambridge to watch your graduation at Harvard.  If true, that would have been wonderful news indeed, although I couldn’t imagine it was possible.  Naturally, I couldn’t confirm that with Harvard—it’s not like I don’t know the Registrar’s office and a few others there.   Why so much mystery and disinformation?  Why would your grandmother report such a thing to Alex if it weren’t true?  Alex and Lisa are the only members of your Greek family with whom I have any lingering relationship….
         You surely would have sent postcards to grandma Alice at least if you were in France or Greece, wouldn’t you have?  
         But whatever the past was, we have only the present and future. Let us let this day today be the first day of the rest of our lives, no matter how corny that sounds.
         I leave on Saturday for Florida and I wish you would just join me in revisiting first your birthplace in Palm Beach and then go with me to Dragon Con in Atlanta.   It would be so great to see you, to have fun together like we always used to do, and give us a really good chance to get to know each other again and wipe away the stale air and cobwebs from the past two years of silence.  
         21 years since Hurricane Andrew blew you into this world early, let’s blow away all the bad things,  how about it?
From my Android phone on T-Mobile. The first nationwide 4G network.
Very nice message. Any response?

From: Charlie Lincoln <>
Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2013 1:16 PM
Subject: On the eve of your 21st

Charlie Lincoln <>
6:24 PM (1 hour ago)

I sent it by both email and text, nothing whatsoever yet by way of response.    
Lisa Cook
7:08 PM (27 minutes ago)

to me
Hi Charles
that is a very beautiful and heart felt message.  I pray you hear from Charlie. I would truly love to see Charlie also as he is as close as I’ve ever came to having a child and I love him dearly. 
Please let me know if you hear anything at all.  Also maybe if you don’t hear from him it might be a good idea to hire a private detective.  If he is against you I’m sure I can bring him around to appreciating the love you have for him and his life.  I hope he comes in from the rain before he is all wet, I don’t want to see what happened to my George happen to him.  Now I’m about to cry so I will email you later.
Love you

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