Constitution to Limit Federal Police Power/Police State

So what do you think of this proposed Constitutional Amendment, in light of last Month at the Supreme Court?
Congress shall neither make nor enforce any law respecting the establishment of norms of private individual conduct, nor of marriage, nor concerning family life, nor shall any executive or judicial officer construe any law passed by the Congress to establish such a norm, but all such laws as exist on the date of ratification of this amendment shall be deemed null and void, the power to establish norms of and to regulate individual conduct, marriage, and family life being entirely left to the states, the self-governing territories, and the people thereof, and no state shall be required to accept or respect the norms or rules of individual conduct established in any other state or territory of the United States.
I would appreciate any all comments, criticisms, observations, damning with faint praise, or praising with faint damns…..

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