Facebook Strikes Conservative Point of View—OK, not really news, I guess, is it? I just make sure everything I write is quite polite and respectful….

I think FACEBOOK is being both inaccurate and unfair and punishing me for posting a statement of viewpoint on my timeline with which you disagree…. this is kind of sad because Facebook is a public forum and if FACEBOOK prohibits totally polite but controversial speech, without vulgarities or disrespect of any kind, you are undermining the freedom and reputation of those served by FACEBOOK…. TOTALLY UNFAIR! Facebook needs either to convert itself into a private club or allow true freedom of speech. I do not see what, other than disagreement with my POV, could possibly be objectionable about my statement which FACEBOOK removed, because it is polite, grammatical, includes no pejorative or insulting words—I am simply stating a viewpoint shared by MANY MANY people (and then FACEBOOK simultaneously block me adding new friends—is that even plausibly a coincidence? I think it is not).  Facebook is being unfair and prejudicial:
We Removed Something You Posted
We removed the post below because it doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards:
“I would agree to deport all Muslims and other African Immigrants. PERIOD. Inserting the word “Radical” leaves too much room for Error. No Islamic or African people (except for the South African White Christians, who are REAL refugees in need of REAL refugee status) who have immigrated since 1985 should be allowed to remain in the USA. Yeah, I blame Ronnie and Simpson-Mazzoli in 1986 for making the immigration situation really bad. So pre-1985 immigrants can be allowed to stay UNLESS they are proven criminals, terrorists, or supporters of criminal activities. All the rest have to go, no proof required.”

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