White California RIP: The Death of a Dream

Robert Lindsey is a raging liberal…. far, far, far to the left on most issues. It’s very interesting to see his perspective here…. I would beg to differ with him on one point however: CULTURAL AND RACIAL DIVERSITY ARE BOTH UNAMBIGUOUSLY GOOD, POSITIVE FEATURES OF BOTH BIOLOGICAL AND CULTURAL EVOLUTION, AS WELL AS WORLD HISTORY. In fact, I would go so far to say that the generation of diversity IS the heartbeat of all kinds of evolution and history. But the California Melting pot (and Globalism generally) create THE ANTITHESIS of diversity. A world of the dichotomous Rich and Poor, of those who shop on the Monte Carlo Riviera, London S.W. 7, Paris Rive Gauche, and Beverly Hills 90210 especially Rodeo Drive, against those who shop exclusively at CVS, Target, and Walmart, is not an evolving world. It is a frozen world. A world where all cultures come together and become one, a world where all races come together and become one, is standing at the end of history in my opinion. California DOES seem to me to be in an apocalyptic moment, about to fall, willingly, into a Millennium of Degraded Human Slavery called Socialism. Governor Brown and A.G. Harris and Senators Boxer and Brown are the Apostles and Acolytes of this Horrible Brave New World. The California soup is now so dark…. there is no room for light. Even during my High School Years in the early 1970s, Los Angeles was mostly a White Christian City, with what we then thought was “admirable” tolerance for Buddhists and Jews and Muslims who were still distinct and very small minorities. In fact, it was in the 1980s that I really saw the change, when I came back with my soon to be wife (a Greek-born UCLA Cheerleader interested in Maya archaeology), the city was still majority white but Reagan had unleashed the floodgates–yes, Ronald Reagan, whose name is so reviled by the multi-culti crowd… is the one who really did the major damage to white California…


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