9-11 + 13 = Happy Anniversary to a Dying Empire

As of July 19, 2016, it has simply become i.possible to count all the instances of staged police action and criminal drama performed almost weekly somewhere in the United States. I remember this meaningless night of buzzing helicopters and sirens in Beverly Hills, and of the horrible paranoia of that little enclave famous for its wealth…but whose inhabitants in reality seem.to enjoy so little genuine happiness or comfort. And from San Francisco, California, to Sanford, Florida, every day 8 hear of more prosecutions for what can only be described as meaningless, systems-offensive crimes which harm no one and nothing. America is indeed falling, degenerating into chaos.

TIERRA LIMPIA by Charles Lincoln

Last night in Beverly Hills, as if to celebrate the eve of this horrible day, there were searchlight helicopters all over town and police in every alleyway of every residential street.  What happened?  Nothing, so far as I can tell.  But the Police State is operating quite well, thank you.  No problems in filling the American Gulags.  In Los Angeles they arrest and fine people who care for too many unhealthy dogs (if they aren’t veterinarians, but just caring, loving people).  In Beverly Hills they arrest and fine people who have more than 4 dogs… or more than 3 dogs and two cats…. I forget the exact formula, BUT I actually know people who have been prosecuted for such things.

Meanwhile, 9-11 has achieved all of its goals: we have lost most of our fundamental freedoms, we are constantly under surveillance, and our country has been flooded with Muslim immigrants…

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