Melania Trump directed by Leni Riefenstahl….

As Donald J. Trump’so wife Melania addressed the Republican National Convention last night, I found myself inspired to remember my now 23 year old son’s strident Neo-Nazi phase a couple of years ago, from 2008-2010, his final years in high school, punctuated by summers at Harvard, when he went around showing off his superior knowledge and understanding of 20th Century history in general and WWII in particular by singing “German Patriotic Songs” of the 1930s and 40s. In particular, I found myself recording, I guess the technicall term would be, “remixing”, the wartime SS song, “Sieg Heil Viktoria” as “Siegel Heil Melania.” There was absolutely nothing special about what she said, in fact it was pretty much corny tripe, but her look and the accent with which she delivered it were utterly electrifying. And it occurred to me: Leni Riefenstahl would have approved this speech and presentation: it was so visually perfect and appealing as to render the content irrelevant. This election may well be decided by a choice to be made between beauty and ugliness, and that is not entirely bad. America the Beautiful has clearly become uglier and uglier as life here has become increasingly meaningless. We need an infusion of meaningless beauty to counteract this trend, because beauty in itself has meaning. And strange as it might seem, the beauty of exceptional women imported from Europe is part of the beauty of America. If Donald J. Trump is elected, his Melania will definitely be among the most beautiful first ladies ever, equal to or even exceeding Jacqueline Boulder Kennedy or Dolly Madison. She will also inevitably become and remain, eternally be a poster girl for increased white immigration from Europe, and after the horribly dismal years of the Michelle Obamanation…this will be most welcome. Restoring American Beauty is a worthy goal. I can see it in the watchfires of a hundred circling televisions….

TIERRA LIMPIA by Charles Lincoln

Election 2012  Pat Buchanan:

‘White America’ Died Last Night

Nov. 07, 2012

Conservative political pundit Pat Buchanan stoked controversy today by claiming that Barack Obama’s reelection has ‘killed White America’.

The paleoconservative nativist is no stranger to racial controversy, having previously been accused of writing books with racist and anti-semitic undertones.

But the former Nixon advisor was more explicit on the G. Gordon Liddy Show this morning. When asked for his reaction to Obama’s victory, Buchanan replied brazenly:

“White America died last night. Obama’s reelection killed it. Our 200 plus year history as a Western nation is over. We’re a Socialist Latin American country now. Venezuela without the oil.”

Stunned by his clear racisim, Liddy tried to walk his guest back from the ledge:

“With what you just said right there…You seem to imply that white people are better than other people. That’s not really what you’re saying is it?”

“Of course that’s what I’m saying,” Buchanan replied…

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