Why I’m Voting For Donald Trump

I was thinking of sitting out this election until the debate.  But after the debate, on Wednesday night, it hit me that Donald John Trump may just be real: he refused to affirm in advance that he would accept the outcome of the election.  That means he probably IS the outsider we have been waiting for, the outsider we need.  I had been disappointed because he focused only on Hillary’s lies…  but Hillary is not even the tip of the iceberg—she is like a large jagged crevance near the tip.of the iceberg, but there’s nothing tip top about this woman at all.  To admit, even advocate, that our rlections are and have been “rigged” in this country is merely to state the obvious—-but almost no one will do it.  I wish that Donald Trump had started down this path a long time ago.   I was HORRENDOUSLY disappointed when he threw all the rest of us “birthers” under the bus a month or two ago and affirmed the outrageous lie that the Kenyan Boy sitting in the White House was born in Hawaii.  He has never addressed the multitude and myriad of False Flag attacks that have come to characterize our national melodrama from week to week, month to month, season to season, semester to semester, and year to year.  So Trump still has a long way to go in my books.  But he opens an important dialogue by asking an important question that foes to the heart of the modern corruption—whether any reasonable person can accept election returns (or anything else our gocernment does) at face value.  The last truly straight forward and honest President may have been James Buchanan, 1857-1861, and even he may have kept his gayness at least half-way in.the closet…. but is Buchanan a hero to Rainbow America?   No he is not, but Trump will be a hero to me IF he loses and vigorously contests the election.  I fear Hillary as President so I certainly won’t cry if Trump is elected.  Heck I might even offer to treat him to lunch at Testa’s in Palm.Beach where we used to meet…. but golly, if I did that would I have to invite all his Secret Service Agents too?   Couldn’t afford that…. I’d have to declare bankruptcy like he did, or something…. and they’d never give me a $27,000/day allowance such as he found in adequate back in 1992….

Source: Why I’m Voting For Donald Trump

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