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Dr. Orly Taitz’ summary on the Curious Case of Lazzara v. Cook—and the death of due process

“Orly Taitz” <dr_taitz@yahoo.com>

As you know, I am an attorney for Major Cook, US army major, whose orders to go to Afghanistan were revoked when he demanded to verify legitimacy of Barack Hussein Obama for the position of Commander in Chief. Military has retaliated against major Cook by   applying an enormous pressure on his employer Simtech, inc, a private defense contractor, to have him fired from his $120,000 job. We have responded by filing a legal action against Simtech, Robert Gates-secretary of defense and Obama, seeking reinstatement and damages.    Major Cook’s Rule 59(e) Motion 08-06-09

Originally the case was filed in GA, since Major Cook was supposed to be  deployed from GA, however US District Judge in GA, Clay Land, responded by stating that he no longer had jurisdiction and recommended we refile in FL, where the plaintiff and the defendant Simtech reside.

US District Judge Richard A Lazarra from the Middle District of FL, Tampa division, refused to hear the case. We have filed a Rule 59 motion for re- hearing and a motion to recuse Judge Lazarra, as one showing bias. We attached a copy of Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate to show urgency of the matter.

Something totally unbelievable happened. Lazarra denied both motions immediately and put his actual orders, his reasoning under seal. He refuses to show to the plaintiff Major Cook and to me, as his attorney, his actual orders- those are sealed, secret. This is a total travesty of justice and a total and complete insanity, this is a behavior that can happen only in Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia. How can I appeal his decision if he refuses to show me the orders, his reasoning. If this is allowed to continue, next they can take your houses in eminent domain and give you cents on a dollar and provide no answer, no reasoning; they can send you and your loved ones to FEMA camps behind the barbed wire and provide you no answer, no reasoning. Every decent American has to go to the White house, each and every Federal building, offices of congressmen and senators, state representatives and state senators and DEMAND IMMEDIATE JUDICIAL HEARINGS IN US AND STATE HOUSES OF REPRESENTATIVES AND SENATES OF THE ISSUE OF OBAMA’S ILLEGITIMACY FOR PRESIDENCY AND IMMEDIATE ISSUANCE OF SUBPOENAS FOR ALL OF OBAMA’S VITAL RECORDS, DEMAND THE COURTS TO HEAR THE CASES OF OBAMA’S ILLEGITIMACY FOR PRESIDENCY, DEMAND REMOVAL FROM THE BENCH OF ALL OF THE GUTLESS AND CORRUPT JUDGES WHO REFUSE TO HEAR THIS MATTER, DEMAND REMOVAL OF ALL OF THE US ATTORNEYS,ATTORNEY GENERALSDISTRICT ATTORNEYS AND ALL THE OTHER  LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS WHO REFUSE TO INVESTIGATE OBAMA’S ILLEGITIMACY FOR PRESIDENCY.

Orly Taitz DDS Esq

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A modern American Military Hero—Major Stefan Frederick Cook

Given what he is risking to do what he sees as his Patriotic Duty, Major Stefan Cook is as courageous a hero than I for one have EVER met.  He is not a sunshine soldier or summertime Patriot, as Thomas Paine once wrote (1776) in Common Sense.  These ARE the times that try men’s souls.  People who do not understand what it means for an officer to weigh his career against the possibilities of committing men under him to illegal wars and combat under an illegitimate leader have never learned and will never understand the lessons of history from Nuremberg or of Eichman in Jerusalem.  Major Stefan Cook’s courage in facing the political onslaught he faces is much greater than the courage required to fight ignorant, poorly armed nomads and peasants in Central Asia who may or may not be associated with terrorism in the United States.  Possible War Crimes trials against U.S. Troops are being discussed all over Europe and Latin America.  The fact that the U.S. Troops have protected the poppyfields and heroin traffic in Afghanistan is by now legendary.  It is my hope and opinion that Major Stefan Cook, if he is not crushed by social and political pressure, will make a more lasting impression on U.S. military history and foreign policy than anyone else over the past 30-50 years.  An ethical army can only exist if we have conscious officers in command of our armed forces.  The existence of a standing army under the virtually exclusive and discretionary control of the increasingly powerful executive branch in the United States constitutes a threat (recognized by the Founding Fathers) to the balance of powers and our Federal Republican form of government.  To counterbalance the nearly absolute power of the president the people must demand and support an officer corps with legal awareness and consciousness as well as strategic, tactical, and technical competence.  The modern armed forces can move so quickly in this day and age that the ability to make “in the field” and “on base” legal judgments on the part of officers has become absolutely essential in this day-and-time.  I for one am proud to be a part of the legal team, with Dr. Orly Taitz, which tries to realize Major Stefan Frederick Cook’s hopes and dreams for a better world and a better America.  The rule of Constitutional Law is paramount in this country, and confidence in the Constitutional qualifications and plain honest of our leadership is indispensable.  I for one have little or no such confidence in the current administration, I will have no truck or dealings with anyone who impugns this military man’s great, unparalleled courage and dedication to principal.  It is an old joke that “army intelligence is an oxymoron.”  Intelligence is sometimes characterized by an individual’s courage to change the things he can, the serenity to accept the things he cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference.  Major Stefan Frederick Cook is taking a valiant chance here that he can change the transparency of his government’s leadership and their responsiveness to public concerns.  Major Cook’s choice, his decision to risk all for conscience, his bravery, and acumen shown in his statement quoted on this blog below proves just high his “army intelligence” really is.